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Ride Out Heroes 4


  • Publisher: NetEase
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 200MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: December 1, 2018

NetEase is the world’s leading game developer in the field of survival games. While some survival game products such as The Day After TomorrowCyber HunterQuantum Special Attack, or Operation Stormy Island are still in developing process, they continue to introduce a new attractive game called Ride Out Heroes.

Ride Out Heroes 4

The Ride Out Heroes game was introduced a few days ago, and many of the players have realized that the game looks really like a survival game that NetEase had recently introduced, Operation Storm Island. But this is a completely different game with the unique gameplay that is promised to be a super hot game in the coming time. Before welcoming this thrilling survival game, let’s take a look at the gameplay, graphics and other outstanding features of it.

Introducing Operation Storm Island – NetEase’s new survival game

The survival gameplay with many new things

Overall, the game Ride Out Heroes is still developing in the style of survival that is prevalent today when it creates a multiplayer battle, the last survivor after the challenge will be the winner. It will still have the familiar features of the current survival games such as parachuting, loot map, destroy the others. To bring the new gameplay, Ride Out Heroes will create a unique weapon system, not just guns and knives. More specifically, each character has their own fighting skills like a role-playing game. Each character possesses different fighting skills, which can be counted against each other so that you can build your own tactics.

Ride Out Heroes 1

The important thing of a survival game is the playing zone, so that all the surviving players come close to each other, increasing the dramatic element. Players must find a way to run to the center of the circle without being attacked by other players. Ride Out Heroes’ playing zone will shrink quite fast, so the time of a game in the game will be pretty short.

The game Ride Out Heroes was developed from the outstanding features of many famous survival games. Through the video trailer, we can see that the game has many similarities with the survival games such as Overwatch, Paladin, Fortnite. This style has made a big difference for this game.

Ride Out Heroes 3

Animated graphics

It is easy to see that Ride Out Heroes is developed with wonderful 3D graphics. As said, Ride Out Heroes game was developed based on the highlights of other famous survival games so its visual style is very familiar, giving you the familiar feeling as you can feel while playing any other game. Moreover, it is a cartoon-style 3D graphics that are not as realistic as PUBG Mobile.

Ride Out Heroes 2

Download Ride Out Heroes APK

Here we can see that Ride Out Heroes is a unique game that combines the highlights of many popular survival games today. And it will be released on Android in the near future, and now the game is entering a closed trial phase with data erasure for the US, Brazil, and the Philippines. This trial will only last until mid-December and they will delete all data when the game launches officially. Finally, you can try this game through the link below.

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