Download ReverseD (리버스 D) MOD Apk for Android (Latest Version)

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ReverseD 리버스 D Download APK 1

Recently, a lot of thrilling role-playing games have been launched to serve gamers in the late 2017. And Entermate, a very well-known game publisher, is also constantly releasing new interesting RPGs. Most recently, the producer continues to release a new superhero RPG called ReverseD (리버스 D).

ReverseD 리버스 D Download APK 1

ReverseD (리버스 D) was recently released by Entermate in the second half of December, and exclusivey supports for the two mobile platforms, Android and iOS, for totally free. Most notably, this game is currently unleashing the Unreleased, but has quickly gained the attention of global gamers, partly because of the power of Entermate – a famous game maker. . Let’s find out more about what ReverseD (리버스 D) game has something special and whether it can compete with other titles in the same category or not!

ReverseD (리버스 D) – New RPG from Entermate

The content of the game

This ReverseD game is developed in a different way that does not like any other games of same type. It does not follow any certain plot. In the game, there will be the appearance of fictional characters with supernatural power who will together participate in the fight to protect the peace. The remaining is the gamers’ fight to show the player skills. And ReverseD is a fierce arena for players from all over the world to compete against each other and to demonstrate their fighting skills through real-time PvP. Players who participate in the game will have a chance to choose any character from the fixed system to begin the journey of experience.

ReverseD 리버스 D Download APK 2

Variety of game play

The game provides players with a variety of exciting game modes to experience. In the first mode when players participate in, they have to complete the assigned tasks to develop the character as well as get familiar with the game-play. In addition, with enough experience, players will be able to participate in real-time PvP battles. In this game mode, players across the world will be connected to each other through real-time battles with tactics that are super dramatic and engaging. In real-time PvP mode, the tactical factor is very important, players must have their own unique tactics to be able to win the opponent.

ReverseD 리버스 D Download APK 3

Character system and combat mechanism

In terms of character, the game offers a various character systems in which, each person has his own unique fighting style and skills. Specifically, each character will be divided into fighting styles such as attack, defense by individual attacks. Unlike other role-playing games, ReverseD (리버스 D) allows characters in the game to fight on the ground but they still have many excellent aerial attack skills. Characters will need to use their own unique ability to defeat the monsters in the game to receive the reward. All the fighting actions can be easily made by simple finger movements on the phone screen.

ReverseD 리버스 D Download APK 4

Graphics and sound

Today, a top-notch RPG game is indispensable for high-end graphics, as the role-playing game requires a high-quality rendering experience that is as much realistic as possible. So that the game ReverseD (리버스 D) is equipped with a very impressive 3D graphics, developed based on the most modern imaging technology today. The players involved in the game will witness fierce battles in a smoother and more profound way. To add to the game, the game also incorporates background music system with sound effects are very reasonable.

Download ReverseD (리버스 D) MOD Apk for Android, iOS( Latest Version)

We can say that the game with both attractive gameplay and high-quality graphics, ReverseD (리버스 D) will definitely impress the gamers in the future. Currently, the game is still in development and will be launched in the coming time. However, now you can download the game before for the Android device below to be ready to experience the game when Open Beta on the first.

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