Reface MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 3.55.1

App NameReface
Require5.1 and up
MOD InfoPRO Unlocked
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MOD info
  • Pro / Paid Features Unlocked
  • Al Avatar will not work as it’s server-sided
  • Watermark disabled

Reface is the best face swap app on Android. Download the latest mod version of this app on APKmazon to unlocked all PRO features for free!


Google Play is full of photo editing apps, but few of them could do it like this one. We’re talking about Reface – a face-swapping application. As it describes itself, you would expect tons of excitement using this platform.

With this only app, you’ll soon see that editing is not just about making art but also feeling relaxed. Besides, the colossal scene collection here will help if you are trying to picture how you look in famous movies.

Reface mod apk for Android

About Reface – Face swap videos and memes Apps

Reface is one of the products by NEOCORTEX corporation. It’s pretty new in the race among facial feature editors, but the app looks like it has advantages.

Reface is getting more than a million users single counted in Google Play. Compared to its time since publication, we see it getting famous fast. ts quick spread could count on the niche market – face swap as well as thorough customer service. A single app can hardly please any users, but this one tries its best to react with feedback and enhance the service.

Next to it, developers keep working on the content not to feel bored with opening the apps. Opening the collection, you’ll find many options, from short to long script, modern to medieval time, and various styles.  

We don’t see why you don’t get it now and see yourself in a fiction scene. And not just for fun, you can produce actual Gifs or moving pictures to post on social media. Why not challenge your creativity?

Special Features in Reface

The main feature in Reface is to swap certain facial features into a designated character. This game sounds simple, but you will see how fun it is when you are actually on the game.

Face swap with preset characters

Along with the history of the entertainment industry, how many characters do you want to play? There must be multiple, especially blockbusters and classic scenes. Instead of dreaming about being in those scenes, many people have cosplayed. Undeniably, many people have been successful with the make-up look.

Reface offers you a cheaper, more intensive, and realistic offer – being on the scenes. Many trailers, famous clips from classic Hollywood movies, modern or vintage, for you to enjoy. With the brilliant techniques from the app, your facial features will replace the main character’s. As a result, you will gain a complete look with all costumes, background, and effects from your dreaming scenes.

You might have experienced multiple clumsy options, which can expose how badly your swap. However, you will be amazed at this app since you can hardly tell the effect. Soon, you will see yourself playing those roles with a realistic look.

Reface features

Facial editing or swap to a new gender

Have you ever wondered what you would look like in the opposite biological gender? That would be weird but fun. And, it’s pretty sure that almost all of us have been through that thought.

We tried a new haircut, dressed up like the others and might behave opposite, too. Some people even asked for help with make-up. These ways worked, staggeringly. However, here is a much simpler solution. Reface is ready to help you gain the look of a boy if you’re a girl and vice versa. The point is, you will waste no money or time to do so. The facial recognition here is good enough to make it looks natural.

Besides, there are many male characters that we’re sure you want to try. How about having the body look, too? It would be a fun thing to explore!

Create your videos and Gif

Indeed, you will have a lot of fun after trying all these features. Even though there are only simple tasks like taking selfies and opting for the scenes, you will need to Reface time.

On the main page of Reface, you will see many options, from trailer-long clips to short Gifs. Besides the length, you are in front of multiple options for content. Pick one or many for your own and swap the face you like.

It’s not necessary to be your face to swap. The system can store multiple pictures of faces for the swapping games. As a result, you will have a lot to edit.

Besides, you would see many other characters such as babies, animals, or nonhuman creatures in those options. Soon, it opens to you ample storage to create, edit and brainstorm with the unique source of scenes.

Share the swaps

These videos are good to go on I.G., Facebook. Mainly, they are short enough to post on Stories. Recently, people go crazy about short My day posts or Stories on I.G. because of brief content. Adding a little caption or stickers, you will attract more views than posts on the newsfeed.  

Is there any other way to share your work? If you have enough platform to post, there could always be fun. However, if you are active on just Facebook, we recommend making your gifs. When you have the expression with customized faces on these comments, your words are on fire!

There is a section on Reface, so-called eCards. It’s a place where you can have your face on iconic pictures like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. group image, Mr.Bean, or so on. More than that, they are designed cards with a blank on the bottom to write your words. You see, they will be the perfect handmade cards for friends with zero waste and extra fun.

Users can download media to the phone. As a result, these videos or pictures become your private sources, ready to be on any projects you wish.

Multiple templates

Reface is offering an extensive collection of templates. It’s not just videos or Gifs which you find popular to try. Next to them, you can become celebrities in music videos or commercial videos. In other words, you can be working any career as long as they are well-known or trendy in social media.

A unique section in Reface is Mona Lisa. The painting has changed into different looks such as costumes, gestures, hairstyle, or more accessories. What you can do more is to reface the Mona Lisa’s face with somebody else’s features. That will be hilarious!

And not just Mona Lisa; there is a library of other paintings and images from the world, under cover of different cultures and colors. Are you ready to take the world tour with Reface?

About Reface Pro

You can enjoy Reface for free, but advertisements will get in the way. When signing up for the Pro subscription, your life with Reface could be even better. Let’s see what is waiting for you in the paid account.

Unlimited access

When you pay for the service, it must be better and more extensive. With Pro Reface, you have unlimited access to the current app resources. What people haven’t experienced yet on free Reface is now open to you.

Priority accessing

The app releases new items regularly. In the time of digitalization, being trendy is a deadly mission. If you are a fan of visual art, keeping your work on trends certainly means a lot.

When you have Pro Reface, your access to the new sources will be easier. We’ll say you gain a priority to approach the latest options, including experimental techniques.


If you don’t like any brand watermark in your video, then buying a subscription is necessary. If you are a Pro user, your video will be yours with no other names on it.


One of the best parts of a paid account is ad-free. It’s nothing worse than being disturbed by advertisements when you’re working on your art project. Don’t let these prevent the flow of your creativity.

Having all these utilities, you must wonder how much it is for the subscription. We’re sure that Reface offers a steal among all paid packages for photo editing.

Other than that, you can have shorter-termed payment. If you want to try the Pro first, a weekly subscription is a safe option to go. After that, the monthly option will be the next economic plan you should consider.

Especially if you turn to the monthly subscription right away, a three days trial is to your benefit. Take that and enjoy all privileges on Reface.


Reface brings a simple editing work, but it is unique among so many applications on Google Play. In 2020, it was one of the most favorite apps on this platform, so you would be sorry for not using it now. However, Reface is not yet a pleasure for everyone. It contains certain downsides.


  • Abundant free options
  • Fast browsing
  • Flawless facial feature blending
  • Multiple styles and items
  • Highly useful
  • Easy share and save
  • Affordable pro subscription
  • Easy to use, even with old people
  • Responsive customer service
  • Quick and light application
  • Multiple face options to swap


  • Many ads on a free subscription
  • Unable to upload personal resources


Reface is cool, but it’s not the only application that can cut and paste your facial features on the others. Let’s see other options, and who knows, something fits you better than this app. We have studied and found out the best two alternatives here.


MyHeritage works almost the same as refacing except for the colossal available scenes. Here you can edit your photo with face swapping.

You can have it as a photo editor but quite limited in effects. The app offers stunning stickers and font style to customize your photo in your way.

A favorite feature in MyHeritage must be Zoom. You can circle ahead and make it more extensive in the background. As you notice recently, this effect is phenomenal in videos and social images.

Face Swap

Face Swap, invented by VysionApps, is an expert in refacing until Reface comes. It’s one of the first platforms to introduce non-professional face-swapping to mobile phone users.

Its specialty is to exchange the faces of two people on the camera. However, you have to scan the face carefully, and the system won’t fix the face shape by itself. As a result, figures on the face won’t always harmonize with the new platform.

However, it’s the top of fun activities among all photo editors. Let’s try it, and you’ll see!

Reface MOD

When you don’t want to pay for the Pro subscription but still desire to enjoy the privileges, we have a solution.

Reface MOD is another version developed from the original. Since it’s not a legit app, you can only find it on Google websites such as APKmazon. However, your phone will be OK with installation as long as you permit Unknown’s source.

Setting it up is easy as downloading it from Google Play. First, you’ll get a file and start the installation; the app will run itself until completion. Like the original app, this one also updates once a new source comes up with something new.  


Reface is what we strongly recommend when you want a different photo editor. It may not help with blending colors, changing body features, or adding glitch effects. However, it promises quality time with visual art when you can cosplay star movies.

With an affordable rate on a Pro subscription, Reface is worth your money. For your information, there are few apps available now that can make such flawless face exchange.

Download Reface MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 3.55.1

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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