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Red Stone 2 – The blockbuster RPG in July

Red Stone is a super hit game released by L & K Logic Korea many years ago for the PC platform. And recently, they continue to develop the next version of this fascinating game. Accordingly, Red Stone 2 will be a mobile game, not PC like the first. This Red Stone 2 game was introduced a few months ago, but it was not until the beginning of July that the Red Stone 2’s English version was officially released for all gamers. Let’s get to know more about the game Red Stone 2 mobile, whether it can be as successful as the original PC many years ago or not!

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Background of the game

Set in the Middle Ages, the world in the Red Stone 2 was built quite impressively. In the game, players will come to the castle and the village with the ancient European style, or the vast jungle full of mystery. Even the formation of weapons and equipment in the game is also designed according to the prototype which is often seen in the movie of the Middle Ages. Are you ready for adventure in the ancient world of Red Stone 2?

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Familiar gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the Red Stone 2 version of this mobile will still have the same gameplay as the first PC version that was first released in 2004. Accordingly, the player will still play as an explorer on the green continent Frandel and use magic stones to unlock their hidden powers to transform themselves into other forms such as Werewolves, Witches, Fallen Angels, etc. Red Stone 2’s main gameplay is quite simple. You will control the main character and your two additional heroes will be controlled by the AI. However, players can not switch between these characters in the battle.

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In the battle, the player can move by lightly touching the screen where you want to go, the character will automatically move to that location as quickly as possible. When fighting, the player only needs to select the skill for the characters and they will fight automatically. You can activate the special skills of each character or their powerful combo chain. In terms of gameplay modes, Red Stone 2 will still feature some familiar modes such as Plot or more dramatic modes such as Raid, PvP – fierce battle with other players in the world.

What’s the graphics?

Not only does the game have an immersive roleplay but Red Stone 2 also uses the 3D graphics style with the top-down view. The wonderful image in the game will make you feel no different from an anime film. Along with the visual effects like shadows, light, etc., there will be sound effects created to make the game more alive.

Download Red Stone 2 APK

In general, Red Stone 2 inherits most of the original features, which are optimized for the mobile platform, so you can experience the game more easily. Now that the game is complete and ready to be released in the next few days, let’s wait for it, do not be impatient! ApkMod will update the latest information about Red Stone 2 for you!

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