Recce – Planning & Orienting
Recce – Planning & Orienting

Recce - Planning & Orienting MOD APK (PAID/Patched) 2.2.1

Plan your next expedition with Recce

App NameRecce - Planning & Orienting
Publisher Nujiak
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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About Recce

Recce is a game-changing application that integrates the capabilities of a calculator, map, and GPS into one convenient package. The application is constructed with the Maps Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Fused Location Application Programming Interface (API), which provides excellent accuracy and low battery consumption, making it suited for lengthy journeys. The software provides users with a wide variety of distinctive features, distinguishing it from other market applications that perform the same function.

The functionality of the map

The application provides users with rapid updates to grids and coordinates, and it also enables users to mark locations on maps and store those locations as pins. Users can measure the geodesic distance, plot lines, and checkpoints to designate a route, unite the endpoints of a way to restrict an area, and join paths to join courses. The lines drawn on the map are geodesic, which indicates the quickest route from one location on the surface of the Earth to another.

Pins (or Markers)

Recce gives its users the flexibility to organize and categorize stored objects in various ways, including by using color and grouping. Users can filter, delete, and manage previously-stored pins, routes, and regions. Additionally, the program enables the progressive addition of numerous pins to the Ruler simultaneously.

The functionality of the GPS

Users of the app are provided with information on their present location through the Fused Location API, which boasts increased precision with less resource use. Using the position sensors on the user’s device, the app also gives users information regarding their bearing. In addition, the application includes a graphical compass that can be used for navigation and direction finding and provides support for any rotation or orientation.

The functionality of the Ruler

Recce contains a ruler function that can measure distances and bearings between pins, permits the installation of numerous pins at once for cumulative measurements, and adds routes and regions to estimate lengths and the direction in which a straight line would travel between each checkpoint.

Coordinate Systems

The app is compatible with the following coordinate systems: WGS84 Latitude and Longitude, British National Grid (BNG), Maidenhead Locator System, British National Grid (UTM coverage only), Kertau (RSO)/RSO Malaya (m), UTM (all zones), and MGRS (in UTM coverage only). (QTH Locator). When used at a place beyond the system’s limits, the application will respond with “N/A” if the user is within the Area of Use. There are currently no plans to add support for UPS (universal polar stereographic) to the software, and it does not now support the format.


Recce is not connected in any way to any other military groups or to the armed forces. The application’s equations and information were derived from publicly accessible resources, such as the EPSG repository and guide.

An Extensive Collection of Maps

The software focuses primarily on mapping and offers users access to a diverse collection of maps worldwide. Users can personalize how they see the map, zoom in or out to match their specific demands for a search, and alter the clarity of the image to find new items in every location.

Voice Reconnaissance

Recce offers its customers various search options, each with a unique feature to make their work easier. Users’ ability to quickly use the voice search function is perhaps the most striking aspect. This function is incredibly cutting-edge since it enables users to enter the search box and utter the name of the location they are looking for, and the results will show almost instantly.

Rapid Results of Your Search

The search results will display very fast, and the user will not have to wait excessive time for them. Consumers can complete work in parallel thanks to this functionality, which also helps reduce the time consumers spend waiting.

The Characteristic User Experience

The software gives users access to a variety of different featured interfaces, which provides them with the ability to modify the interface to fit their needs better. Users may select from an interface that is continually updated, redesigned, and brought up to date.

Keep track of the distance you have traveled.

Recce assists users in locating the precise location of their desired destination and then calculates the distance for them. Additionally, the software computes the expected amount of time so that users can rapidly grasp the issue.

Added Advantages and Functions

The software enables a quick search that is kept up to date and may be conducted using an area or an address. Information pertinent to the location the user is attempting to locate will also be displayed, including highlighted photographs of the neighborhood. Recce gives its customers access to various maps, which may be shown in a flexible grid or standard formats. Users of the characteristic coordinate system almost always report feeling delighted since it conveys great wishful thinking. Users can now access a comprehensive application thanks to an intuitive user interface and rapid results.


Recce is an app that combines various functions, such as those linked to GPS, maps, and computations, into a single package for its customers. The app has a minimal battery need while maintaining a high precision level, making it ideal for extended journeys. Users seeking a handy and effective way to travel the globe will find this program is a top pick because of its features like voice search, speedy search results, and distinctive UI. Users of Recce can pinpoint the precise location of the destination they want, determine the length of the distance they have traveled, and explore new areas using a variety of maps.

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