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Realms Of Arcana is an exciting new action role-playing game that was released in early February by Hoolai Game Ltd. The game is free and available for download from Google Play and App Store. This is an MMORPG with a fictional epic Western theme. The game is featured with the familiar MMORPG style along with an impressive 3D graphics. So what’re the realms of Arcana, can get the attention of players? Let’s find out through the review below.

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Background of the game

The game Realms Of Arcana takes you to a fantasy world in the direction of Western counterfeit epic. This place has the appearance of countless strange creatures known only through narration and legendary stories. However, they are threatened by the strangely dark forces, who are plotting to destroy the whole world. And you participate in the game will be played as a hero carrying in his great responsibility is to destroy all the bad guys to protect peace here.

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Interesting gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Realms Of Arcana will also evolve as other MMORPGs with real-time PvE and PvP modes. With the PvE mode, you will be able to complete tasks assigned to gain experience, develop character and adventure through challenging new territories. With real-time PvP, you’ll be able to experience the game with other players around the world. In PvP mode, you will not only need to gain power from the character but also have to give yourself the proper tactics for the game with other players.

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Map system in the game extremely diverse, you can take your character adventure in the new land. Each place will have challenges and new tasks waiting for you to conquer while seeing more mysterious creatures in the legend. Just take your characters to the adventures around the virtual world to admire its beauty.

Character system

The game Realms Of Arcana brings a very diverse character system divided into different classes and careers to suit you. Each character will have different tactics, fighting skills, so the game in the game will be more difficult. In addition, there is a variety of dress code system for you to create a new look for your characters. In terms of strength, your character will be able to develop at a level and weapon system will increase the strength of the character.

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Impressive 3D graphics

One of the highlights of Realms Of Arcana APK MOD is that the 3D graphic is extremely sharp and vibrant. The game is based on the modern Unity 3D technology, giving you crisp and impressive picture quality at the first glance. The game is developed in a cartoon style and the character system is created in the Chibi style that is extremely cute. Overall, the Realms Of Arcana game is pretty well invested in terms of visuals.

Download latest version of Realms Of Arcana APK MOD for Android, iOS

In general, the game Realms Of Arcana is a game that is not so distinct in comparison with other MMORPG games but the Chibi 3D graphic that is extremely cute is the best hightlight of the game. In this year 2018, the game MMORPG released quite a few Realms Of Arcana will be a great choice for you. You can download the Realms Of Arcana game on your device via the link below for free to experience it.

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