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Rave – Watch Party MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 5.4.93

App NameRave – Watch Party
Publisher Rave Inc.
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoPRO Unlocked
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Watching great movies and enjoying popular music with friends far away from you is no longer difficult. Rave is here to help connect and host fun watch groups across various streaming platforms.

About Rave – Watch Party

Current popular streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, or Amazon Prime do not have an official viewership feature. You and your friends can’t enjoy great movies or popular music together on the same screen. To break this bond, Rave was released, connecting people through watch groups. It allows integration with your streaming platforms accounts to start a quick watch party. The remarkable thing is that it is free and will enable you to broadcast publicly or define a specific audience. Besides that, it offers some other attractive features that you can take advantage of to make your watching party more enjoyable.

Rave MOD APk download

Link multiple streaming accounts

Don’t forget to select a streaming platform once you’ve logged in with your social media accounts to Rave. It allows you to connect a wide range of streaming accounts, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Then, let sign in with the account and start sharing hot movies with your friends. You can choose your favorite movie first before tapping the plus icon. Also, the content you have saved in the account you linked is displayed simultaneously. Thus, you can quickly follow watched episodes and share them with your friends.

Set up privacy options for watch parties

Rave lets you choose a mode for your viewing party. If you want to see more than one person and share your interests, make it public. This mode does not limit the number of people that can join a party at a time. It allows you to invite all your friends, colleagues, relatives or strangers to the watch party. Not only can they join via invitation, but strangers can also visit the link about your watch party on the homepage and join.

Also, if you want to limit a group of people to watch together, set up friends mode. Only people who have this watch party link can join you. Some other modes you can set up for your viewing session are private and nearby.

Share watch links across multiple platforms

After choosing your favorite movie and starting the viewing session, don’t forget to send the link to join your friends. Rave offers various sharing link options to make it easier for you to invite your friends. You can directly invite friends who are using Rave. Also, you can share the link of the watch party via SMS, WHATSAPP, Messenger, etc. Please wait patiently for your friends to join to enjoy a meaningful watch together.

Chat with friends while watching

Besides stopping at organizing viewing sessions, Rave also allows users to interact with each other via chat. You can share your feelings about the details of the movie in the chatbox. You can enter anything you like or express about the movie content. Once you’re done typing, just hit enter, and your share will appear. People who are watching together will find these shares easily. It also provides voice chat, helping you interact with friends more quickly. You can record it and send it to the group for viewing. It is an excellent way for team members to connect and communicate more.

Rave mod apk features

Mix songs with RaveDJ

Besides watching sessions, you can mix your favorite songs into a playlist with RaveDJ. This feature allows you to create a playlist with your favorite songs in your playlist. You can mix any music that suits your taste. Youtube is an excellent platform to help you collect popular videos and songs for your playlist. After combining them, you can create a watch party and invite all your friends to join. They can enjoy the awesome playlist you’ve created together from your link. Like making a watch party, all participants can interact and chat easily.

Share your videos to Google Drive

For high-volume watch groups, it’s recommended that you share your videos to Google Drive. When uploading your videos to this platform, their quality will peak and improve. Its storage time is also higher. Therefore, others can also access this link to watch the premiere more easily. Furthermore, it gives global members easy access to the content you share.

Sync your devices with your speaker system instantly

This tool will sync all the music and videos you create on Rave to your device and account. Whether you use Android or other devices, your content stays in sync. The quality of the content you have created will always be stable and in top condition during playback. With this sync, it will save the content you create in history. Even if you switch devices, remember the account you’re signed in to; everything is still there for you to use.


Watch parties will make your group of friends, colleagues, or relatives more connected. Don’t watch movies or listen to popular music alone anymore. Download Rave now and invite everyone you love to enjoy the viewing together.

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