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App NameRainbow Six Mobile
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Require6.0 and up

Rainbow Six, the mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege, is released with more exciting and dramatic changes. This game will lead players into a world of intense gun battles and amazing chases.

About Rainbow Six Mobile

After a long incubation, Ubisoft has revealed Rainbow Six Siege will release versions for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Rainbow Six Mobile is a 5v5 tactical FPS game like Valorant Mobile, CSGO, Fortnite, and Overwatch. It has a variety of maps, missions, and exciting gun battles, providing the opportunity to showcase the player’s skills.

Players will experience intense, highly competitive matches. All elements are streamlined to adapt to phone lines and help players operate more smoothly. The obstacles and battle bases have also been rearranged. They bing surprised experience to the players. Currently, the game is in beta, so you can’t download and experience it directly from the app market.

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You won’t be fighting freely. Rainbow Six Mobile offers choices in two battle factions. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to defend or attack. Before fighting, you need to agree on tactics with your teammates. Each team will have four players and fight together in intense 5v5 combat. There are many different game modes for you to access. However, the casual game mode will be in a BO3 format.

Before the match starts, you can choose any Operator with different items and skills. The game’s pace is quite fast, requiring quick thinking and reflexes. The main goal of the faction you join is to destroy all members of the opponent. You can destroy walls, set more traps, and raid opponents to make it easier for your team to win.

Shorter match duration

The matches in Rainbow Six PC last from 20-40 minutes. However, the total time of matches in Rainbow Six Mobile is only 10-20 minutes. A shorter match duration means faster gameplay and combat tempo. Therefore, you need to increase your maximum concentration because your opponent will take advantage of every second to kill you.

The two teams will compete against each other in rounds. Each round will have a fixed time of 2.30 minutes with an initial 40-second wait. Take advantage of the initial waiting period to explore battle sites and enemy hideouts. At this time, you cannot injure your opponent and vice versa. After three rounds, the winner will be the team with the most points.

Amazing map with unexpected obstacles

Rainbow Six Mobile has two main maps, Bank and Border. Each map is designed with different obstacles and structures. The system will automatically choose a battle location for you, including a cafeteria, library, open area, etc. The game will provide you with a period to observe and explore the battle site. Through rounds, battle locations and obstacles will change. The items you can take advantage of and the hiding places on the map are also different. Therefore, you need to be flexible in your movements and pay attention to the surprise attack from the enemy.

Rainbow Six Mobile gameplay

Two factions Bank and Bomb

There are differences in the characters of the two factions, Bank and Bomb. The bank includes Ash, Sledge, Twitch, Thermite, and Hibana. Meanwhile, the bomb lineup includes characters Smoke, Bandit, Valkyrie, Caveira, and Mute. Besides the main characters, there are some other characters that you can experience. The weapons that come with the warriors are also different.

Before each match, the system allows you to choose the fighter you want. It’s better to choose your favorite warrior before your teammates choose it. The reason is that team members cannot select the same warriors. With new warriors, Rainbow Six Mobile lets you try before you own them. In addition, when you accumulate enough money, you can upgrade weapons and skins for your warriors.

Destroy the obstacles

The environment in the game is built for you to destroy when it interferes with your path to victory. You can use your weapon to destroy all obstacles. Depending on the obstacle’s material and the weapon’s damage, the structure will crumble in different ways. Don’t forget to use the hole punch tool to get through thick layers of walls. With large room corners, use bombs to blow them up. With environments that are easily interactable and destructible, no shelter is safe. You and your teammates have to move constantly. Also, your team needs to be constantly alert if you don’t want the enemy to detect and kill you.

Dramatic graphics and sound

Rainbow Six Mobile is designed with a detailed and attractive battlefield context. It is a school with a modern design and is your battleground. The objects and details in this school are vivid and realistic. Moreover, the fierceness of the battlefield is pushed to the climax with explosive bomb effects. Each round will also have a different design for you to have a different experience. Besides, the sound of the game is always climax and dramatic. All the movement noises, win reports, teammates’ reminders, etc., will add energy and excitement to you.


Rainbow Six Mobile offers dramatic battles in unique maps for you to experience. Download the game now and fight with your teammates for a glorious victory.

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