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App NameRagnarok V: Returns
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Ragnarok V: Returns of the Ragnarok project officially announced the closed beta for Oceania. Join this immersive role-playing game to explore and adventure through new lands now.

About Ragnarok V: Returns

Ragnarok V: Returns is a sequel designed with many interesting and unique elements following Valkyrie Uprising. It is an MMORPG game that has a remarkable style. New characters, settings, and missions have been added to increase the variety of your experience. Since its launch, the game has had more than 100 million registered users worldwide. The charm of this game is undeniable. Currently, the beta is being tested on the mobile version in the countries of Oceania.

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The plot of the game

Baldur – the great god of light of Asgard who brought prosperity and peace to Midgard. He was the one who fought for humanity, but humanity betrayed his sacrifice. After receiving endless wealth, people’s greed made them lose everything. The peace also ends here. Earthquakes, roars, and especially strange sirens appeared in Midgard.

Every time hearing this whistle, all the people cry without knowing the reason. The whistle is the beginning of Ragnarok, a world of sadness and despair. It is also when the people must quickly recruit heroes who are ready to fight for all wars. Ragnarok V: Returns also begins here, when the mysterious adventurer appears – who has an essential role in the search, and the hero-god loves humanity more than anyone else.


Ragnarok V: Returns has many similarities in the gameplay of traditional Ragnarok. Starting the game, you will be guided step by step on creating the character and starting the first missions. You can choose between various groups of warriors before performing related missions. The warrior groups include sworders, thieves, archers, wizards, priests, and businessmen. Each group of warriors has different strengths and skills that need you to develop.

After choosing your favorite group of warriors, you need to fight monsters to get gold and EXP. Besides, your heroes also need to be leveled up to fight strong and win quickly. Plus, it would help grow your community to form a good fighting team. The game’s map remains familiar in locations from the Ragnarok universe. In addition, gamers can also experience combat features such as PvE and PvP. You can fight by way of the raid, boss fight, or clan war.

Ragnarok V Returns gameplay

Upgraded character system

The character system in Ragnarok V: Returns is designed in a cute and familiar style. You will have access to more than 60 different mercenaries. The mercenary system will be arranged according to the group of characters you initially selected. They have other costumes, skills, and weapons. You can upgrade the character’s skills to make them fight stronger during the game. Besides the mercenary system, the game offers 26 more Pets to support your adventure. This game will unlock them according to your level. Some pets can be expensive to own.

Explore the map of many lands

Ragnarok V: Returns not only leads you to a single land, but you can also explore up to 5 lands. Each land will have a different character and structure. The quest system in these lands is also other. You cannot go to 5 lands at once. Instead, it would help if you uncovered the secrets of each land. Here, you can meet many strange instructors and new guilds. They will assist you on your adventure to bring peace to your land. The quest system in these lands is also constantly changing. Thus, you can experience freedom without ever getting bored.

Diverse and interesting quest system

To become a good fighter, you have to learn many skills. Ragnarok V: Returns will offer a variety of quests throughout your adventure. The initial basic tasks are learning how to move the character, learn how to fight, or learn how to use the control buttons. Once mastered, it will lead you to more complicated tasks. In these missions, you will directly fight monsters, collect secret chests or become a member of guilds. Each mission will come with different requirements and rewards. After completing, you can use the bonus to upgrade skills or buy more costumes for the character. Try to complete as many tasks as possible.

Ragnarok V Returns features

Meet new friends at events and guilds

You have the opportunity to reach many gamers from different countries in the open world of Ragnarok V: Returns. The game often has many exciting events for everyone to participate in and compete in. Each event will have a specific entry time. Therefore, you need to update the events to participate successfully regularly. Besides, don’t forget to join guilds to gain experience and receive benefits. Guilds will make it easier for you to complete quests. Similarly, you can rely on the power of the guilds to upgrade your skills.

3D graphics and vivid sound

Not only attractive in gameplay, but Ragnarok V: Returns also attracts gamers in graphics and sound. It is designed with impressive 3D graphics and captivating music. All attacks have effects and catchy sounds. Besides, you can use some gestures for your character. It also allows you to change the character’s fashion style with lovely items.

APK of Ragnarok V: Returns

Currently, Ragnarok V: Returns is running in beta in some countries. So, if you can’t find this game on your local Play Store, it means your IP has not been approved. Don’t worry because we provide you with the latest version APK file of this game. You can download and install it for free.

Note: If you can’t connect to the game’s server, try changing your IP through a VPN service. We recommend Kiwi VPN


Ragnarok V: Returns will never let you down. You will have extraordinary adventures through different lands with unique quests.

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