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App NameRagnarok: Battle Academy
Publisher Electronics Extreme Limited
Require7.0 and up
MOD InfoComing Soon
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The combination of MMORPG and Battle Royale with chibi graphics in Ragnarok Battle Academy will excite you. This game is an elaborate investment by Electronics Extreme that is well worth your time.

About Ragnarok Battle Academy

Ragnarok Battle Academy was developed as a team-based battle royale and RPG. It is a new and hopeful entry in the Ragnarok Online Universe. The main style of the game is medieval Europe combined with the familiar fairy tale of the Ragnarok series. The characters in the game are created in 3D attractive and have many similarities with previous versions. Currently, the game is in beta and is only available to players in the Philippines. If you love anime and want to experience a game that combines MMORPG and Battle royale, check it out now.

Ragnarok Battle Academy mod apk download

The plot of the game

Not a professional adventurer; you are just a student in the world of Ragnarok Battle Academy. You need to build everything from skills to equipment with empty hands. The on-campus practice field is where you practice your skills. It is an important time for you to develop your fighting ability, teammates, and strength before exploring the real world.


You will start the game by following the instructions of a group of professional adventurers. They will assist you in controlling the character and performing some basic tasks. After completing the initial tutorial missions, you will be directed to the main lobby and start your match. Participating in these matches, you need to collect materials, fight monsters, upgrade skills, and be the last survivor. Your opponent is 59 other players. They can ambush and attack you at any time.

During the competition in Ragnarok Battle Academy, don’t be afraid to change starting positions. Each position will be suitable for each different class. Starting locations include Prontero City, Sunny Ville, Victory Ville, Poring Forest, etc. Besides, to accumulate experience to level up, kill as many monsters as possible. Also, you can collect more weapons or essential equipment while moving. You can choose to play solo or team up with other players to defeat monsters faster. You are the master of the game, so strategize so that your character is the ultimate winner.


Various classes to choose from for different situations

Your playing style and strategy depend on what class you have selected. Ragnarok Battle Academy offers seven classes, including:

  • Swordman – In this class, you have two primary skills: protection and direct attack.
  • Acolyte – you can curse and bless. The mission of this class is to keep comrades alive when they are injured.
  • Archer – the long-range is the strength of those who choose this class. Their concentration was also high, so monsters were easily killed by their bows and arrows.
  • Magician – Blaze, and Freeze will freeze the opponent and become unable to react for a few seconds. Having teammates of this class, your ability to attack and destroy enemies will be higher.
  • Merchant – They are great supporters in a party for breaker and trader. With them, the game will quickly change in favor.
  • Thief – They can become invisible to opponents and use poison to kill opponents faster.
  • Novice – They are beginners who can learn and acquire skills quickly.

Once you’ve chosen a favorite class, upgrade your existing skills to build a unique fighting style. Besides, you can change the class accordingly depending on the match and different situations. In particular, observe your squad for the best class switching during team battles.

Defeat MVP Boss to get special rewards

While exploring the map in Ragnarok Battle Academy, you may randomly encounter the MVP Boss. You cannot guess exactly where this boss will appear. If you are lucky enough to meet these bosses, try to destroy them. You can get a remarkable relic or buff if you successfully destroy it. Moreover, if you are the last survivor, killing this boss MVP will give you a special reward that no other player has.


Crafting and upgrading items

The items and materials you collect during exploration are essential. It would help if you created powerful weapons or equipment. To get more equipment, defeat as many monsters as possible. You can find many rare materials for unique skins if you are lucky. These skins will make the character more beautiful while increasing your fighting ability. In addition, when you lose all the necessary materials, upgrade your equipment to improve your combat ability. The higher the level of your equipment, the greater your ability to defeat monsters and other opponents.

High personalization and community

Join the game; you are not limited to a particular appearance. Ragnarok Battle Academy allows you to create a character according to your personal preferences, including gender, appearance, and outfit. Besides, the game also has a virtual community environment called the Academy Lobby. Here you can meet and interact with other players. You can perform several actions, including dancing, talking, using emotion to express emotions, etc. It is an excellent opportunity for finding new teammates and matching your standards.

MOD APK of Ragnarok: Battle Academy

MOD info

There is currently no mod available for this game. We will update it soon.

How to install

  1. Download the files we provide below
  2. Install APK file
  3. Extract OBB file (use default file manager or an alternative like ES File Manager, File Commander).
  4. Move the extracted folder to “Android/OBB” direction.
  5. Open the game and enjoy.

Note: Ragnarok: Battle Academy is currently in beta so it’s only available at Play Store of some countries including Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, Australia. You may have to use a VPN to log into the game.


With impressive 3D graphics and a unique combination of elements in gameplay, Ragnarok Battle Academy is a game you cannot ignore. Sign up for early access and experience teamwork in the top matches.

Download Ragnarok: Battle Academy MOD APK (Coming Soon) 20213908.0009

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