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Rage Mage

Rage Mage APK 1.1.5

Explore the mysteries of magic

App NameRage Mage
Publisher Modo Global
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Rage Mage is a great strategy game that makes you a powerful mage. You can no longer hide like a normal person when you set foot on a magical island. This time, you have been chosen to complete a mission. The magic gate is open for you. Players have to figure out how to use card magic and formation, figure out how to make devices, and figure out if rune enchantments and sacred weapons can help them take over this magical world that is in trouble.

Intuitive gameplay

Playing Rage Mage does not require any level of complexity on the player’s part. Instead, players need only tap to draw mystery cards in order to obtain spectacular gear and upgrade cards that will improve the rate at which equipment drops. In addition, you have the ability to construct your own traits, collect unique gear, and dominate the enchanted world that is at your fingers.

Combinations of the Star Tree

At this stage, you need to collect the power of the stars so that you can develop your own unique combat technique. After that, you can give yourself an additional benefit by combining a star tree with diamonds. With its help, you’ll be able to get around the dangerous terrain of the magical world.

The Rune and Mystic Prizes

In the game, the player has the chance to get valuable resources that they can use to improve their mystical altar, collect rune stones with different properties, and get the benefits of rune souls. Even clan-level elemental souls are just sitting there, ready to be unlocked.

Positioning of Combat and the Magical Duel

The ranking battle is by far the most exciting component of the game. Gamers will compete against one another to see who is the true master of strategy and who reigns supreme in the world of magic. In addition to this, they have the opportunity to engage in a combat that is fair in the arena of dueling, perform magic that is fair, ascend the route to magical glory, and acquire further magical resources.

Challenge & Strategy

In the game, you’ll face a wide range of dangerous monsters, each of which has its own special skills. You need to do some research right now to find the best way to fight them and move through the levels so you can get premium resources. It also makes it easier to finish the primary level and open the door to the elite level.

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