Racing Rocket : Parkour Rivals APK MOD: Download for Android, iOS

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Racing Rocket 1


  • Publisher: Rooster Games
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: FREE
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 123MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0.2
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: May 24, 2018

Introducing Racing Rocket : Parkour Rivals- New interesting racing game

It’s been a while since we last experienced a new racing game. Because of the big trend of PUBG has not stopped so other games cannot compete with at this time. After a while, a racing game finally appeared, promising to be a great game in the future and good enough to compete with the survival game. This game is called Racing Rocket, which was released on May 17th. Basically, this is still a car racing game but there are many new and interesting features to discover. Let’s check out these exciting points in the article below.

Racing Rocket 1

Interesting racing game

The game Racing Rocket : Parkour Rivals was developed in a traditional car racing gameplay with two basic modes that are online and offline. With the offline mode, you will be able to play the dramatic racing games without an internet connection. In this mode, the game will split into multiple levels for you to conquer, as the game’s difficulty will gradually increase to challenge you. Also, you can complete many different tasks such as daily quests, weekly quests to receive valuable rewards. You can also participate in the world’s leading racing tournament.

Racing Rocket 2

With the online mode, you will have to use a network connection to be able to play with other players around the world. In this mode, you have to be clever and tactical to beat up other players and win. The game control is also very simple so that everyone can easily play. However, in the high difficulty levels, it is not easy to win.

Racing Rocket 3

The racing system

The game gives you a racing system that is not too varied, but you can recreate the car by yourself or upgrade your car’s stats. Once getting upgraded, your race car will have higher speed, more durability to easily finish the race. The racing cars in Racing Rocket : Parkour Rivals are pretty simple, there are many different cars, which are not all supercars like other racing games.

Racing Rocket 4

Download Racing Rocket : Parkour Rivalst APK MOD V1.0.2

Racing Rocket : Parkour Rivals also has a sharp 3D graphics with an eye-catching animation style. This game’s producer has chosen the animated style instead of the real one because they wanted to bring a light experience to the players, without causing eye strain when playing games for long. In general, Racing Rocket : Parkour Rivals is highly rated by the players, so it will be successful in the near future. You can download the game from the link below to experience it.

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