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Quantum Special Attack 2

Quantum Special Attack – The mobile version of Fortnite comes from NetEase

Fortnite is also one of the most popular survival games today. So there are so many other games developed based on the Fortnite style. Some time ago, NetEae, the leading game developer in China, introduced a new survival game, the mobile version of the popular Fortnite game, called Quantum Special Attack. And now, the Quantum Special Attack game has been finalized and released in a few days.

Quantum Special Attack 1

The play of survival

In terms of gameplay, the Quantum Special Attack will be developed almost identical to the Fortnite, carrying two main themes: the war of survival and construction. Participating in the game, players will have to find materials to build their own. Then collect weapons to fight other players to survive the final in the arena and become the winner.

Quantum Special Attack 2


In terms of visuals, we can easily see that the game Quantum Special Attack was developed in the same style as the original Fortnite. This graphics platform is slightly animated, not real, animated as PUBG or other games developed similar to PUBG. However, the image quality in Quantum Special Attack is still very sharp, giving players the best experience.

Quantum Special Attack 3

Download Quantum Special Attack APK

In general, the Quantum Special Attack game is similarly developed with Fortnite to 80%, but there are also some new features that will not bore you. If you are interested in Quantum Special Attack, you can experience it through the Apk version below, while the official version has not yet been released.

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