Qibla Compass: Qibla Direction
Qibla Compass: Qibla Direction

Qibla Compass: Qibla Direction MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.7.14

Smart & Fast Qibla Finder Compass, Shows 100% accurate Qibla Direction worldwide

App NameQibla Compass: Qibla Direction
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About Qibla Direction

The Qibla Direction app is a GPS compass that can point Muslims in the right direction of Qibla no matter where they are. The order Muslims face while they pray toward the Qibla, often referred to as the Kaaba and located in Mecca in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Qibla Direction determines the precise direction of Qibla based on your current position with GPS maps. This program may be downloaded at no cost and is very simple. It is the most helpful app for finding Mecca that is available for Android.

Find the Mosque That Is Closest to You

Qibla Direction has a tool known as the nearest mosque locator, which helps users locate a mosque close to where they are now. This function is beneficial for travelers who are looking for a mosque in the area where they are staying so that they can worship. You can precisely locate the direction of Qibla from any location on the planet by using the online Qibla finder available through this app.

Islamic Calendar: Hijri Calendar

Along with the dates according to the English calendar, Qibla Direction also provides the current Hijri calendar and dates according to the Islamic calendar. This Islamic app offers the most precise representation of the Hijri calendar, making it a beneficial tool for estimating when Ramadan and Hajj will occur. Using the app, you can also obtain the 99 names of Allah written down in Arabic and as an mp3 audio file.

Top Attributes of the Mobile App

The Qibla Direction app has a pleasant appearance and a straightforward user experience. This app’s most notable features include, but are not limited to:

  • Authentic Islamic Calendar in Addition to the Hijri Calendar
  • View the GPS map, Latitude, longitude, and address
  • Choose Multiple Qibla Dials present in varied designs
  • The direction of Qibla is indicated with an arrow on the map.
  • Discover the path of Qibla using or without the internet.
  • A compass app that is both functional and accurate
  • Locate the Kaaba using an online GPS compass and an offline GPS device.
  • Beautiful translations of all 99 names of Allah available in Mp3 and Arabic format Novel Compass System

Novel Compass System

Qibla Direction equips users with innovative compass technology that enhances their ability to discern the direction precisely. This function will make it easy for you to navigate and give you access to all of the relevant information. Because it is possible to utilize this feature anywhere and in any circumstance, the app is excellent for people who travel.

Give Precise Positioning Information

As long as you can activate location mode, pinpoint your precise location will be displayed on the map as soon as you do so. You can set the destination, and the application will show you the direction; you can then go as directed by the application. In addition, the application gives you access to various alternative routes from which you can select and modify content based on your capabilities.

Easy Establishment of a Connection to the Device

You can connect to other devices or media receivers with the assistance of Qibla Direction. The connection is quick and enjoyable, and users will immediately experience the effects. In addition, the app can share its location with other devices so that they, too, may track at several locations.

Locator Icon

You can modify the new locator icon in the app to align more closely with shared interests and functionality. You will also be given access to many icon templates and be shown the unique characteristics that come packaged with each.

Explore Unknown Territories

The application includes well-known locations that users can choose to visit. Users are left with a memorable impression as a result of this feature. New sites will periodically be introduced to improve users’ overall experience.


The letter Qibla Direction serves as a comprehensive reference for correctly determining the direction of the Qibla. It is an app that adherents of Islam can use to access various functions, such as a compass system, exact placement, rapid device connection, and a locator icon. Users of the app can utilize the offline GPS capability to determine the direction of Qibla even when they do not have internet access, track the location of the Kaaba using an online GPS compass, and find the path of Qibla using the online GPS compass all from the same app. This app is an invaluable resource for Muslims who are constantly on the move and need to locate a mosque in the immediate area in which to say their prayers. Along with the dates according to the English calendar, Qibla Direction also provides the current Hijri calendar and dates according to the Islamic calendar. Users of this program will be able to locate the 99 names of Allah in Arabic and as an mp3 audio file.

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