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Pure Tuber MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Publisher Pure Tuber Studio
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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Abundant ads annoy many users when they are experiencing YouTube, and they are always looking for solutions to overcome this situation. A recommended ad blocking solution for you with outstanding features is Pure Tuber MOD APK.


When it comes to free video streaming services, Youtube is an iconic brand. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know YouTube using the Internet. This platform is the place to share videos of billions of users from all over the world. It also allows you to stream any video at the highest quality. YouTube doesn’t charge a membership fee, so you’ll see ads appear while playing videos. It will definitely degrade your viewing experience. There is no way to remove the ads on the default Youtube app if you are a standard member. The default YouTube player also does not have favorite user features such as background playback, PIP mode, or Offline mode.

Don’t worry because we have a solution to overcome these inconveniences. We are talking about third-party apps that build on Youtube’s database. Using API from Google allows you to search any Video from Youtube then play them without ads. Besides, the missing features that we mentioned above have also been integrated. Pure Tuber is a reputable name in this field. In this article, we will discuss it. Besides, APKmazon also provides you with the latest mod of this application.

About Pure Tuber – Block Ads for Video, Free Premium

Pure Tuber is a free application that supports multiple languages ​​for you to perform operations with the watch widget in your Youtube account. It allows you to watch your favorite videos in the background and floating mode and manage your favorite channels in your YouTube account more efficiently. Also, it helps you enjoy all youtube videos in a continuous playing state without being interrupted by ungainly ads. Its interface is also very simple and friendly so that you can operate it efficiently without any prior experience in using it.

Pure Tuber is an Android application developed by Pure Tuber Studio. After only a short time of release, the application has received many positive reviews from users. Currently, you can download it for free on the Play Store.

Pure Tuber-mod-apk

Key features of Pure Tuber Premium

Pure Tuber is a simple solution to enjoy YouTube videos without ads. Besides, the application brings a lot of advanced features to help you have the best video viewing experience. Join us to discover it now.

Block annoying ads on Youtube

Youtube is a friendly platform that allows you to stream high-quality videos for free. Therefore, ads appearing everywhere are inevitable. YouTube uses ad revenue to pay content creators on the platform. Therefore, you should accept that the ads will never disappear on Youtube unless you upgrade your account to Premium.

The ads on the video always annoy viewers. To overcome that, Pure Tuber provides tools to prevent ads from bothering users. When the installation is successful, you do not need to do anything, and this tool will do it for you. This tool provides an ad blocker for videos. Thanks to the intelligent AI engine, it collects millions of ad-free videos and removes the annoying ads for you, giving you an incredible viewing experience. Also when you search for videos, the ads won’t bother you either. You don’t have to pay anything, but you can still enjoy excellent videos without ads.

Play video in the background

One thing that is quite annoying when you listen to music on the Youtube platform is that you cannot continue to listen to your music if you quit. However, things for Pure Tuber will be more straightforward than ever. It allows your device to be compatible with playing music in the phone background. When you listen to any playlist after exiting Youtube, you can completely let that playlist continue to play in the background of your phone. Thanks to that, you can still enjoy exciting music without constantly turning on youtube.

Pure Tuber also supports the PIP feature. It allows you to play videos on a small window pinned in the corner of the screen in which you can still perform navigation on the home screen or another application.

This amazing feature is also available on Youtube Vanced app.

PIP Mode

Picture in Picture (PiP) is an Android multitasking mode introduced by Google in late 2017. So far it has been a standard feature for Android smartphones. Simply put, if you activate this mode while watching a video, the current video player will minimize to a window then pin in the corner of the screen. Now you can use other applications and still be able to watch videos in that window.

On the standard Youtube app, PIP mode is not supported. When users watch videos on these pinned windows, Google thinks that ads will be prevented from showing. As a result, it affects the revenue of content creators. If you want to use this feature on Youtube, you need to upgrade to Premium membership for $11.99 per month. That’s a pretty hefty fee for many people. Don’t worry because Pure Tuber integrates this feature completely for free. You can comfortably watch YouTube videos while surfing the web, replying to messages, or doing many other tasks.

Watch videos in separate playback modes.

Besides blocking ads that make you uncomfortable and time-consuming, this adblocking tool also supports you to watch your favorite videos in separate playback modes. There are two icons in the playback interface that you need to care is the background and the floating player icon. As for background mode, it allows you to play videos in battery-saving mode at maximum. At this point, the screen will be darkened, and the video content will only be displayed in a floating window when touching or unlocking the screen. As a result, your movie viewing time will be longer.

You need to tap on the videos to watch in the floating window for the floating player. It allows you to resize or perform manual dragging of video positions. Plus, you can also perform a screen recording of the videos you are watching so they can be viewed again at any time and saved to your photo library. Note, don’t forget to give this tool permission to float on other apps in the first use.

Change video quality

Sometimes you encounter a low-quality video that makes you feel uncomfortable because you can’t fully enjoy the unique content of the video. Usually, this tool provides a default resolution that plays videos quite low only 360p. However, you can change it by selecting Settings and selecting video & audio to set new quality for the video to play. If your device supports 2K/4K video playback, don’t forget to turn them on to see better quality videos. When you change the video quality like that, you will have a better experience of watching your favorite videos without worrying about lag.

An Auto option is available to optimize video streaming quality. When you enable this mode, the video streaming quality will automatically change based on your internet speed. If your network connection is stable, the video streaming quality is always the highest. Besides, the video quality also depends on your device’s screen resolution.

Pretty good search filter

Pure Tuber provides users with a pretty good search engine for you to find your favorite videos quickly. To perform this search function, you need to select the icon in the upper right corner of the search box to set the filter for your device. Suppose you are looking for a faster solution to finding videos of your liking from the notification screen. With this message box, you can quickly search when you pull down the notification bar. If you don’t like it, you can turn off this search box in Settings, tap Notifications, and choose to turn off Quick Search.

User-friendly video player

Pure Tuber offers a user-friendly video player full of features. It makes you have a comfortable video viewing experience. The player on Pure Tuber supports gestures including swipe up and down to change brightness, swipe horizontally to adjust volume, double-tap to fast forward… On this player, you can also change the video playback speed, open the Youtube video link in the browser, change the playback mode, change the video quality, and turn off or on the Autoplay mode.

Pure Tube supports Chromecast. You can play your videos on a big screen like SmartTV with a third-party video player. Besides, it also supports Kore, a remote control app that allows you to control the video player with your Android Smartphone. Now you can play your favorite videos from Pure Tube to your SmartTV, then use your Android device as a remote control.

Interface with scientifically arranged items

You can almost find all the items you need to use on the main interface. On the homepage, you will see all new videos, recommended videos by location and notability or viewer habits, trending videos in your default language, videos from the channels you follow are also displayed. If you want to manage your personal YouTube channel, the Library is where you need to be. In addition, you also find a full range of modes in the playback interface so that when you watch your favorite videos, you need to click on the icons to be able to watch them right away without having to search elsewhere.

Support login

Pure Tuber is not a mod of the official Youtube app. It is a third-party application that can take Youtube video data then display and play them without ads. However, the application supports you to sign in with your Google account. You can log in to this app like on the Youtube platform. After successful login, the personal data on your account is synchronized. They are videos you saved, liked videos, subscribe to channels, and created playlists.

Youtube Vanced requires MicroG plug-ins for account login but Pure Tuber does not!

Some alternative apps

Pure Tuber receives a lot of positive feedback from users thanks to a lot of valuable features. It is one of the best apps for you to have a perfect YouTube video viewing experience. However, there are also many feedbacks about the compatibility of this application with some Android devices. If Pure Tuber is not working properly on your Android device, we will bring you a list of some alternatives. Let’s see.

Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced is considered the best Youtube mod application for Android. The developer relied on the original version of the original application to create this product. It means that you can find most of the features and interface to be similar. They are the look and feel of the home page and other tabs with the original features, including a video player, comments, playlists, and sharing. The great thing is that Vanced integrates advanced features for free, only available for Premium accounts. These include playing videos in the background, PIP mode, removing ads, downloading videos offline, and creating custom playlists…

Vanced is not available on traditional app marketplaces like Play Store or App Galery. If you want to use it, please refer to this article.


Snaptube is a simple tool for mobile that allows you to download videos from Youtube, convert MP3, and much more. With this application, you can easily download any video from Youtube and many other feeds, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tik Tok.

All you need to do on Snaptube is type keywords in the search bar, select the feed then download the videos and media files at high speed. There are options to change the quality of the downloaded video. The app also allows you to export audio files from the original video, which you can easily download for offline listening.

There is no doubt about the popularity of this application when it has reached more than 300 million users globally. That’s a dream number for any mobile service.


YMusic targets a niche market of interest. It is to provide the best music listening experience on the Youtube platform. The app allows you to browse your favorite music videos on Youtube easily and then listen without ads. It also provides some other advanced features, including PIP mode and offline download.

The application can also act as a good music player with a simple and efficient playing interface and in-depth equalizers.

Get the latest mod of Pure Tuber now.

MOD APK of Pure Tuber

We bring you the latest mod of Pure Tuber. The mod features have optimized the app performance to give you a better user experience. So what does this mod have? Please refer below.

MOD feature

  • Dex unpacked, and resources decrypted
  • Ultra compression
  • Disabled banner on exit
  • Double-click exit confirmation with notification
  • Auto-rotate activated, snapping to orientation only when you click the spread in the viewport.
  • In landscape orientation, the display of the video list has been changed
  • Search for new versions is disabled
  • Removed all items in the profile window except settings
  • Removed unnecessary information in the text will share
  • Disabled toast notification about ad blocking
  • Disabled welcome window
  • By default, popular video notifications, a quick search bar, and auto-switching videos are disabled.
  • Partial additional translation, as well as minor cleaning of forms in the interface
  • Removed trackers
  • Privileges unlocked.
  • Clickable links in comments
  • Blocked sending debugs to developer servers
  • CPU: Arm-v7a, Arm64v8a


Don’t let ads bother you every time you experience your favorite videos. Download Pure Tuber now for free ad blocking and better playback tools.

Download Pure Tuber MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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