Puffin Cloud Browser
Puffin Cloud Browser

Puffin Cloud Browser MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Puffin Cloud Browser – It’s wicked fast!

App NamePuffin Cloud Browser
Publisher CloudMosa Inc
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About Puffin Browser Pro

CloudMosa’s Puffin Browser Pro is a browser built specifically for use in the cloud. It’s an improved version of the free Puffin Cloud Browser, and it’s made so that users can surf the web with peace of mind knowing that their data is safe. Since its introduction in 2010, this browser has quickly gained traction among those who value privacy and performance.

Protection Mechanisms

Puffin Browser Pro’s security is a significant selling point. The browser’s cloud-based nature makes it ideal for blocking malware and other threats. This is so because nothing is installed on the user’s device, eliminating the possibility of malware infection.

Users’ privacy is essential, but the browser’s policy has caused some anxiety. This is not true despite the publisher’s assurances that the browser does not record users’ whereabouts online. According to the procedure, the browser does keep track of users’ online activities for statistical analysis. The government might then scrutinize users’ browsing histories.

Capabilities in Functioning

Puffin Browser Pro’s layout is likewise optimized for speedy page loads. Cloud servers within the browser make even the most demanding websites easy to navigate. This implies that consumers will experience lightning-fast page loads and smooth navigation.

In addition, the browser’s data-saving function compresses web data before sending it to the user’s device, reducing the amount of data transferred. Typical online browsing can reduce bandwidth use by as much as 90%. The compression function also crops images. However, users may adjust the quality in the settings.

Friendly User Experience

Puffin Browser Pro’s mobile-optimized layout makes it a breeze to use. The navigation is straightforward, with the usual left-to-right placement of the back button, address bar, and menu bar/regular menu. The main menu also features a speed dial feature and a newsreader, in addition to access to the user’s preferences, bookmarks, downloads, and history.

The browser also lets you pick between bright and dark themes to ease the strain on your eyes and protect your health. Puffin Browser Pro may be accessed on several different operating systems, such as iOS, Android, and Windows, each offering a unique experience and level of performance.

Restrictions and Optional In-App Purchases

Unlimited access to Puffin Browser Pro costs only $1 monthly with a paid membership. Before enrolling, consumers may test out the service for free with the assessment. The free trial only allows for one hour of use per day and is supported by advertisements. During the trial, advertisements will be displayed, and usage limits will be strictly enforced.

As Puffin’s servers are headquartered in the United States and Singapore, users in other countries may see geolocation limitations on content. In addition, the browser is restricted in various countries and territories, including China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and even some American universities.


Puffin Browser Pro is a browser built in the cloud to provide consumers peace of mind as they surf the web. Users are shielded against malware and other dangerous information, and up to 90% of their data use is reduced during average online browsing thanks to its data-saving capabilities. Its accessibility from numerous platforms and its friendliness to mobile users make it a go-to choice for those who want a unified experience regardless of their device. Despite some reservations about its privacy policy and features, Puffin Browser Pro continues to be a favorite among users who place a premium on safety and speed.

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