Pucca Puzzle Adventure
Pucca Puzzle Adventure

Pucca Puzzle Adventure MOD APK (Unlocked) 2.2.0

Puzzle RPG Adventure with Lovely Pucca!

App NamePucca Puzzle Adventure
Publisher TakeOne Company
MOD InfoUnlocked
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About this MOD

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Pucca Puzzle Adventure is a lovely adventure and puzzle role-playing game by developer TakeOne Company. It gives players a compelling story associated with the exciting and challenging adventure of the protagonist, Pucca. Besides, the gameplay is smoothly coordinated between role-playing, adventure exploration, and puzzle elements, giving you a desirable 3-in-1 game. In addition, the lovely graphics are also a plus for this game, attracting players of all ages.


Dong King, the cosmic villain, led troops to Earth three years ago. He started distributing low-quality food that could control people’s minds. Those who eat Dong King’s food soon become Dong King’s heartless minions. The army headed to Suga Island, Pucca’s hometown. With the help of the chefs on the Giant Dragon Express, Pucca and her friends drove the Dong King’s army from Earth. Dong King, who had survived the defeat, had obtained the bead stone and particle element. He was once again able to control minds and clone life forms with it. With the dark forces of the particles, Dong King returned to Earth and kidnapped Pucca’s friends. Now, Pucca is about to set foot on an adventure to save the earth and her friends. You will join her journey and take part in the puzzle game. But it’s very special. Let’s play and find out!

Various game modes

Adventure Mode

In this mode, players have to travel across dimensions to stop Dong King’s evil plans. This is the main mode of Pucca Puzzle Adventure. Players can now join Pucca and her friends in the Puzzle RPG game.

Match and Solve Puzzle Quests

Besides, Pucca Puzzle Adventure brings you a favorite side mode with over 100 classic match-3 puzzle stages. In which you will help the captain of the flying pirate ship solve puzzles with various gimmicks.

Challenge Mode with Loads of Fun

Also, the game lets you raid against bad bosses and take part in a ranking competition in Challenge Mode. In which you will accept the challenge to discover your personal limits.

Grow and Decorate the Village

  • Collect Village Coins to grow your village and earn rewards!
  • Clear Adventure Mode to unlock more villages!

Cute and lovely characters

  • From the adorable Pucca and Garu to the evil villain Dong King and his henchmen…
  • Play the game to meet your favorite Pucca characters!
  • Strengthen your character and form your perfect team with the perfect balance of elements!

Great graphics features

Pucca Puzzle Adventure is a mobile puzzle game based on the animated TV series, Pucca. The game features a variety of graphics and visual effects to enhance the gameplay experience. Here are some of the graphics features you can expect to see in Pucca Puzzle Adventure:

  • Bright and colorful visuals: The game features bright and colorful graphics that are in line with the playful and lighthearted nature of the Pucca series.
  • Adorable character designs: Pucca Puzzle Adventure features adorable character designs that are instantly recognizable to fans of the TV show. Each character is well-crafted and has its own unique design and personality.
  • Smooth animations: The game features smooth animations that add to the overall feel of the game. The animations are especially noticeable during special moves and combos.
  • Special effects: The game also features a variety of special effects that are triggered during gameplay. For example, when you create a combo or chain reaction, you’ll see a burst of stars or other effects.
  • Interactive backgrounds: The game’s backgrounds are interactive and change as you progress through the levels. For example, as you complete levels, you’ll see different parts of Pucca’s village, which is a nice touch.

Download Pucca Puzzle Adventure MOD APK (Unlocked) 2.2.0

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