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PUBG Mobile 1


  • Publisher: Tencent
  • Platforms: Android 4.3+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 44M
  • Latest Version: 0.13.0
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  • Date Updated: April 18, 2019

The name of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not to be confused with many PC and Xbox One players. The game was released early on PC almost a year before its official launch on Xbox One in the late of last year. When it comes to mobile platforms, the game is developed into two different versions and one of them is the PUBG Mobile, bringing the same experience as the Xbox One which was recently released in term of content.

PUBG Mobile 1

After the release of the Chinese version, the game was released on the Canadian market on both iOS and Android platforms, but it does not block IP and nor support for Cross-play with PC and Xbox One as the Fortnite Mobile which was just released and limit players by invite code. PUBG Mobile brings 100 players to a large island, fight against each other to become the last survivor.

Review PUBG Mobile – Official release

Familiar gameplay

This gameplay is not really new which was inspired by Kinji Fukasaku’s movie Battle Royale. If you have ever watched the movie, the Hunger Games is actually adapted from the Suzanne Collins’s novel of the same name, and it was inspired by this¬†Battle Royale. At the time of its release, Battle Royale had made many negative opinions about its intensity but, somehow, when it came to the game and the movie, there was no one else talking.

PUBG Mobile 2

If you have ever played on a PC or Xbox One, you will easily recognize that the graphics of PUBG Mobile tend to decline pretty much. Inside the houses now, it looks quite empty and small, even the texture of the game is deemed to decrease. For example, when the player skidded down from the aircraft, they just can see the whole scene covered by fog and cannot clearly identify the details as before.

However, the level of detail of the game is just enough to take advantage of the small screen of the mobile platform. In comparison with the Fortnite Mobile, which is also limiting the number of players by the invite code, PUBG Mobile is clearly better at asking for a lower, more generic device configuration.

PUBG Mobile 3

In terms of gameplay, PUBG Mobile is almost identical to the Xbox One in terms of content and gameplay. You can choose a single-player style, lonely take the fight with 99 other players, or choose to play double or team squads. The game has only one level of play, players at the beginning of the battle also parachuted to the island, then seek for equipment in the house and kill each other. Your goal is still to become the last survivor, and especially the interesting feature of running from the Forcefield.

If you have never experienced PC and Xbox One, you just need to know that Forcefield is an element that’s included in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and other similar game titles. It is intended to speed up the melee and limit the maximum duration of the game. Often, though, each person counts and has a different personal play style, but there are many players who seek to hide in less-than-encompassing hiding places, especially with such large-scale players as PlayerUnknown’s. Battlegrounds.

Forcefield is almost like a forced lifecycle, which gathers all surviving players in close proximity after a certain amount of time. It forces all players to fiercely fight together to win. Without it, the battle in the game will last forever without an end and it may become too tired, especially when there are many players like to “hide” in a “hidden corner”, wait for time instead of stepping into battle.

In addition to the gameplay elements that remain the same as in the Xbox One version, the mobile version adds a barrier-free feature that is originally only available in the official PC version. It is noteworthy that the character’s blood will be greenishly funny, probably because of the content censorship factor from the original Chinese release. The game also has some minimap adjustments to support mobile players, such as footage and gunshots for those who can not wear earphones or open speakers when playing.

PUBG Mobile 4

The pace of the mobile version remains the same on the PC platform and Xbox One, so a battle usually lasts only between half an hour. However, the biggest difference between the PC and Xbox One is the mobile version that adds bots to help players get acquainted with the game. The higher the level you are at, the lower rate of the bot is, and the game will replace the bots with real players.

The problem is that bots in the game are just gunners running, they either glide back and forth so you shoot them and feel gloating for a while until they realize it’s a bot, not Other players. So if you do not have much patience to promote in the beginning, you will feel the initial experience in PUBG Mobile is quite boring, or vice versa is the illusion of strength in their playing until Higher level and clash with other real gunmen.

However, PUBG Mobile still has many problems, and one of them is the invisible touch controller which is not really suitable for an FPS game that requires agility in the situation. Every action is done through a touch button on the screen touches so it is difficult to control, especially at the shoot. You can not just fire accurately and move maneuverable to avoid enemy bullets and vice versa, even when the support shot.

Although the developer has added some support features, such as a certain “lock” direction or other control options, it still feels awkward. For example, you can change the controls so you can dodge and shoot at both sides of the screen, but it takes a lot of time to get used to. However, some actions such as loot or closure have automatic support features so far more than the PC and Xbox One.

One problem is equally annoying that Forcefield is getting less and less, leading to many instances of eye-strain tracking the map to find this “safe area”, which is an unannounced death. for players. Although the game has provided a map zoom feature, it does not work as expected in most cases. The developer should open the default view more closely, which makes it easier for the player to observe.

Last but not least, PUBG Mobile has delivered a truly authentic, nearly complete experience from the PC’s PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Xbox One through the mobile platform. However, it still has some problems that are not really intuitive and make it difficult for old players from PC and Xbox One. Hopefully in the future, PUBG Mobile will have many adjustments to make it easier to experience, such as adding a beginner’s guide instead of forcing them to grope everything on the battlefield without any instructions. any.


In general, the version PUBG Mobile is perfectly completed, totally as expected of previous PUBG players. The game was released on Android and iOS. The Android version requires Android 5.1.1 and the machine has at least 2GB of RAM, while the iOS version requires at least iPhone 6 and iOS 11. You can download the game to your device via the link below to experience it.

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