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> Fog color menu (7 type)
> Button UI menu (6 type)
> Bullet UI color (5 type)
> Black sky
> Black body
> Camera position UP
> Desert map
> Wall hack
> Remove shading
> X kill effect
> Movement ESP (2 type)
> Remove recoil
> Remove camera shake
> Remove bullet spread
> Damage 50% UP
> Damage 1000% UP
> Shoot trough wall
> Bullet track
> Fov menu (9 type)
> Instant weapon change
> Show enemy on BR map
> Aim bot
> Aim lock
> Aim bot long distance
> Movement speed hack menu (3 type)
> Game speed hack menu (3 type)
> Low game speed
> Car fly
> Car movement speed hack
> Esp enemy count
> Esp bot
> Esp line
> Esp box
> Esp name
> Esp health
> Esp distance
> Grenade warning
> Esp alert 360°
> Many more ….



Tencent Games’ PUBG MOBILE LITE is a fast-paced first-person shooter survival game. It’s a slimmed-down take on the original PUBG MOBILE experience that runs seamlessly on just 600 MB of storage space and 1 GB of RAM. The Unreal Engine 4 produces a realistic and immersive experience, expanding on the gameplay of the original PUBG MOBILE. PUBG MOBILE LITE has much potential to provide players with a fantastic Battle Royale experience because of its stunning 3D visuals and many events.

The Strong Survive

Battle Royale is the game’s primary mode, and it pits sixty players against one another on a decreasing battleground that initially spans a square kilometer. Weapons, cars, and supplies await players in their quest to remain the last man. The game’s linguistic accessibility is enhanced by its support for 12 languages.

Unbiased Playing Conditions

PUBG MOBILE LITE’s cutting-edge anti-cheat system guarantees a level playing field for all participants. This feature is essential to prevent cheating, which might destroy the game for everyone.

Battle Royale

There is also an exciting Arena Mode in which players face off against one another in teams of four with unlimited respawns. The Warehouse area may be used to try out new strategies and weaponry.


Friendship and play are central to the PUBG MOBILE LITE experience. Thanks to the game’s local team-up, room card, and clan modes, you may continue playing with your pals wherever you are. Players may collaborate with friends to devise a winning plan using the voice chat feature. Fight for the supremacy of your clan by setting up ambushes and reviving your friends mid-battle.

Superb Sound and Visuals

The incredible Unreal Engine 4 transforms the game’s expansive HD map into a realistic and immersive environment. Players will feel more immersed in the action thanks to high-definition audio and 3D sound effects. The game’s visuals are top-notch, allowing players to quickly identify foes at a distance and eliminate them with pinpoint accuracy.

Apply What You Have Available to You to Stay Alive and Fight

The equipment drops randomly in PUBG MOBILE LITE’s BR game mode, which can be funny and scary when the odds are stacked against you. As a result, players will be forced to think outside the box and adapt their playstyle to survive by employing a more comprehensive array of weaponry. As the map scale decreases to random areas, the tactical element becomes more important, and every battle becomes tense.

Use Vehicles to Your Advantage and Wipe Out Your Opponents!

There are vehicles sprinkled throughout the area that might help players get around more quickly, but they also increase the game’s risk profile. The game features heavily fortified vehicles with considerably increased performance, which speeds up the battlefield and causes the adversaries to panic. As the conflict draws close, people may make their cars more functional by installing a wide range of specialty modifications.

Active Payload Mode, Pulsating at Rapid Pace

There have been significant enhancements to the level of play, tempo, weaponry, vehicles, and more in the new Payload game mode that has been added to PUBG MOBILE LITE. These factors combine to make combat against equally equipped foes the most exciting experience possible. The most incredible allure is that an abnormally large number of automobiles will show up, allowing participants to smash into one another for fun.

Take on Exciting Tasks and Challenges to Earn Valuable Rewards

Players may earn in-game rewards by completing interesting challenges and quests. Most of the game’s prizes are fabulous outfits that players may use to give their characters a unique look. Because of this, players may use their clothing to blend in with their surroundings or stand out as an easy target. Players can battle in first-person to appreciate the beauty of the weapons’ skins and valued prizes.


MOD feature

Mega Menu


PUBG MOBILE LITE is the apex of first-person survival shooter games. It has enough top-notch components to sate anyone’s need to prove themselves on the battlefield. Outside the BR mode, players may experience the same thrills and emotions while engaging in battle in various settings and play styles. Players may quickly join the fun and work together across multiple game styles. Completing exciting challenges and tasks is rewarded in the game, and the random equipment and vehicles give an element of surprise. The game’s visuals are top-notch, letting you pick down foes individually with pinpoint accuracy. This is the game for fans of the Battle Royale genre looking for the pinnacle of survival shooters.

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  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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