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PUBG Army Assult 1

Recently, the most popular game in the worldwide is the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) mobile, launched by Tencent. Perhaps we all know that PUBG is currently the hottest survival game in the world in term of PC games, so players always expect for the Mobile version of the game to be released. And now, Tencent has officially launched the two mobile versions of PUBG in the early of Feb, one of which is the PUBG: Army Assault.

PUBG: Army Assult was also developed by Timi Studio Group’s producer – the creator of the most original PUBG on PC. Of course, PUBG: Army Assault still has the same style of survival as the original version but will be equipped with many new features and unexpected attractions. Let’s find out something new from the PUBG: Army Assault, and whether it can be more interesting than his senior or not!

PUBG Army Assult 1

PUBG: Army Assault – PUBG mobile officially released by Tencent

The fresh gameplay

As mentioned above, PUBG: Army Assault is a shortened version of PUBG on PC, so the gameplay, style and graphics in the game will be quite similar to its older brother. Players will be able to play as a character and start fighting with a lot of other players. Moreover, PUBG: Army Assault is equipped with a lot of brand new features and special game modes, giving a feeling of familiar experience that is very attractive

PUBG Army Assult 2

One of the most special feature of PUBG: Army Assault that is very much different than the PC version, is the map system designed in a completely new style of military strength as towers, or even a very dangerous nuclear reactor. In addition, the game also adds countless explosive effects, weapons battle very eye-catching. Because of this, PUBG: Army Assault is no longer as original in nature as a war game. In PUBG: Army Assault, players are also battled with terrorist warships, helicopters or even a bombardment or bombing of the enemy’s important military positions. So players will have a chance to experience new tactical modes.

PUBG Army Assult 3

One of the new modes available on PUBG: Army Assault that most players expect is the completely fierce battles in the sea that are much different than the PC version. In this mode, the player will be able to participate in the game with a variety of new vehicles such as warships, boats, canoes and even heavy guns. During the fight the player can team up with other players to fight the BOSS as a giant battleship which is extremely difficult to defeat. This mode of play naval warfare has stimulated the curiosity of the players, as it gives the experience a unique and novelty.

High-end 3D graphics

Currently, most of the survival games for Mobile by PUBG are equipped with an impressive 3D graphics, so this game surely can not be worse than those others. PUBG: Army Assault is developed based on the latest Unreal Engine technology, creating 3D graphics are extremely beautiful and true, giving players the feeling of smooth experience. Best. Along with it is the integrated audio system that is suitable for live gaming. Overall, graphics are also an impressive point for PUBG: Army Assaul players. Arguably, the display quality is not worse than the original PUBG on the PC.

PUBG Army Assult 4

Download PUBG: Army Assault MOD Apk latest for Android, iOS

Here we can see that PUBG: Army Assault is really a great game that is not inferior to the PUBG on PC. And here are just some of the most prominent features on this PUBG: Army Assault game, you will find more attractions while taking the directly experience with this fame. Currently, the game has been officially launched so you can experienced it right now. Just wait for official news from Apkmod!

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