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Psychic Idle

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It is idle RPG with adorable dot graphic.

App NamePsychic Idle
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Nowadays, idle games are gaining more and more fans and a significant number of people all over the world like playing them. To be more exact, players who are “lazy” to manipulate but who are still able to enjoy the pleasant experience of an idle game. One of them is known as Psychic Idle. This is a brand new idle fighting game that has just been released by the publisher Mobirix. Psychic Idle is a fighting simulation game that doesn’t require much manipulation from the player. Currently, Psychic Idle is one of the most popular games, with 500K+ downloads on Google Play.

How to play

Your character will engage in combat on their own without requiring much of your involvement, just like the majority of other idle games. To make the hero stronger as the game progresses, all that is required of you is to build the appropriate statistics and upgrades.

When they first log in, each player will be given a character that is pre-created for them. You shouldn’t be too concerned because the accessible skin system in Psychic Idle will provide players the ability to change the appearance of their character as they progress through the game. As a result, even if they begin in the identical place, at the end of the game each player will control a character that is entirely unique to themselves.

In general, the fights will continue for the entirety of your time spent playing the game. So that players don’t get bored, Psychic Idle is divided into many different chapters, each of which gets harder. Likewise, the foes you have to defeat on each screen of the game will be different. As a result, you can take a break from constantly touching the screen in order to control the character because it will automatically attack enemies and bring you stuff.

Key features

Skill system development

Within Psychic Idle, the hero’s abilities are represented by a set of six icons that are located in the upper right-hand corner of the display. Gamers have the ability to click on each individual icon to cause their characters to begin the relevant skill sequence. If you wish your hero to make use of automatic talents, you can, of course, also click on the icon that looks like an auto. To get the most out of the skills you have available, make sure to unlock and improve them. Because each ability will have its own unique effect on the adversary, you will need to review the information very carefully.

Various items

Using rune resources is the only way to change normal equipment into equipment with better stats. The quality of the hero’s gear has a big effect on how strong his or her stats are. Hence, you need to look for the best equipment to enhance your attack and defensive numbers, which will assist your hero in surviving longer in battles and being ready to confront all of their foes. You can get rewards more befitting of your efforts if you finish, especially if you conquer assignments.

Diverse character customizations

As was just stated, Psychic Idle gives players the ability to customize the appearance of their hero, which distinguishes them from other players and makes them feel more unique. This game has provided players with access to more than 300 distinct varieties of costumes since its first release. These costumes include a wide variety of hairstyles, tops, bottoms, weapons, and other accessories. The unique aspect of this game is that, as soon as you equip a character with items, their appearance will shift very quickly.

Engage with other people

If you want to have more fun while playing Psychic Idle, do things with other players. Engage in conversation, make friends with others who share your interests, and then encourage them to join you in doing dangerous missions. One of the goals of this game is for players to work together to build a strong community. You should assist one another in overcoming the problems presented by the system. Furthermore, there are a variety of communication methods you can use with them.

Other features:

  • Available for development and research through materials obtained by the auto-hunting system
  • Enlightenment and quantum jump are available with materials obtained from the dungeon
  • Optimized the high-ability growth system, special abilities, and more
  • Summon equipment through runes to merge and equip it
  • Upgrade the nano machine’s abilities and set the device’s effects by level
  • Decorate your character with 300 different costumes
  • Collaborate with other users through a variety of content
  • Build community by interacting with other users in town

Intuitive 2D graphics

Psychic Idle is only capable of displaying images in a 2D format, which means that the level of detail that is shown on the screen cannot be compared to other games in the same category. The majority of the ideas that are included in this game, on the other hand, come from the publisher. The goal is simple, but in the process, it generates its own distinctive characteristics. You’ll get a sense of it almost immediately thanks to the way the characters and the area around them are shaped and the visually impressive effects used during the fight.

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