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Project Stars MOD APK (NO) 1.0.b725

App NameProject Stars
Publisher xiaojiao zhang
Require7.0 and up

A specially designed planetary system in Project Stars awaits exploration by gamers who have a passion for the universe. Grab your chance to conquer these planets and prove you’re the best player right now.

About Project Stars

Project Stars is an open-world survival role-playing game with many online players. It was developed by Xiaojiao Zhang and his team with the enthusiasm of the universe. Unlike current games, it is designed full of fanciful colors with diverse colors. Its main scene is built from the inspiration of unique planets in outer space. While keeping the essential elements of the role-playing game series, it offers a larger map with many unique spaces. Here, gamers can freely build, explore, fight and survive with their clan.

Project Stars gameplay


Experience, discovery, and creative thinking are the elements that Project Stars highly appreciate. Starting the game, you can choose 1 of 3 different characters, including Evergreen – Humanoid, Buti – Scholar, and Taoka Fleet – Cultivator. Each character has a different role, skills, and design. After choosing a character, you will continue to select any planet in the universe.

The game allows you to choose any place to land and explore. The mission system and instructions will show you how to survive when landing on these planets. You will perform a series of activities to continue living, such as searching for food and water, making tools by collecting necessary materials, building houses, etc. Plus, it would help if you learned how to make tools, equipment, and weapons to fight and survive. Besides, you can join a guild or create particular planets.

Mission system according to different chapters

You will not perform single and unlinked missions in Project Stars. Instead, everything you do is divided into different chapters. It’s like chapters in a novel, helping you explore new lands differently. For example, in chapter 1 – Adventure, you will experience many small missions, including Sonic Tech, Resource, Future Road, Alien Food, Foundation.

Each chapter will have different requirements and rewards. You can see the progress of completing the task in the Target section. Besides, if you want to experience new chapters, you need to reach the required levels. Try to level up to explore more lands and other exciting quests.

Explore different lands in Planet Map

The adventure in Project Stars doesn’t stop at just one land. This game will lead you to many planets with many different civilizations. The design and structure of these planets are also different. Each planet will have an alien to rule. Like a visitor, they will give you unique gifts when you first set foot on their planet.

The means for you to travel to these planets are rockets. You will learn how to control the flight direction and landing of the rocket. You can choose any latitude to start your exploration. The number of explorers on these planets also varied. You will meet many new friends or even enemies with significant damage.

Build shelter

You need a base to hide and store the weapons you have created. Project Stars allows you to design buildings according to your creativity. Like Minecraft, you can build constructions from the materials you have collected. Besides, you can build farms and farms as a farmer. It allows you to grow crops and tame animals to make them work. You can make a profit from these.

Create a planet and form a survival team

Don’t pass up the opportunity to connect with other players in Project Stars. This game allows you and your teammates to create new planets independently. The number of people who can participate in activities on these planets is 35 people. You will be the master of these planets and begin your journey to develop them. Let create livable planets together with your friends.

Hands-free mode

Set up hands-free mode if you don’t have much time playing but still want to receive all the gifts from Project Stars. In this mode, your character continues to perform and complete tasks. It still collects full energy, rewards, and money. It will also maintain the power and processes you create for your return. All its collection helps you always have enough resources for the next war. You don’t have to be online all the time to get rewards from quests.

Vivid graphics and attractive sound

Project Stars’ graphics are carefully invested with colorful 3D designs. It not only help you explore planets with unique structures, but you can also customize the style of your character. It is unique in every decorative detail, helping you to have an unforgettable experience. Besides, the moves also come with special effects when participating in the attack. Whether you attack or defend, the actions have different effects and effects. Weapons and items in the game are also carefully invested with many different colors and designs.

MOD APK of Project Stars

For some reason, Project Stars has now been taken down on the Play Store. However, you can still download and play it for free. On this blog, we bring you the APK file of the game. Therefore, you can download and install it easily. The game requires your device to run Android 7.0 or higher, with at least 1GB of free memory and 3GB of ram.


The open space at the vast planets in Project Stars will bring a new creative world to all gamers. You will go through a unique adventure and learn to survive in outer space. Download this game now to explore planets, meet new friends, fight freely and build your world.

Download Project Stars MOD APK (NO) 1.0.b725

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