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Project Offroad- Attractive mountain biking simulators game

The game that ApkMod wants to bring to you today will be a brand new simulator game in recent days. This game called Project Offroad was released earlier this month by the publisher BYCODEC GAMES. It is a mobile game that simulates the extremely attractive mountain biking, so players can not stop experience it. If you are in love with the challenge that requires the patience in real-life but having no chance to show it off, Project Offroad will be the best chance for you to make some noise!


A variety of vehicles

Participating in the game, players can select the trucks or six-wheel vehicles with different colors. Each type of car was designed to be able to add a number of additional items to suit each vehicle. During the experience, the player can change the color of the car or upgrade it with more advanced equipment.


Interesting gameplay

The task of the player is to control the car to overcome the simulated terrains which are very sophisticated. It is not really easy to overcome the challenges of the game because they can not be done with just push the accelerator and control the steering wheel. Players must carefully calculate and combine the skills to control the car going through the terrain. Players will use the virtual navigation which is arranged in the corner of the phone screen to perform the driving operation. At present, there are more than 50 different levels, requiring the skills of the player. The map system in the game is also quite diverse with many eye-catching sceneries.

Graphics and sound

Project Offroad has a really well-developed graphics. The terrains are made in detail which allow players to correctly adjust the position and control the car over the ledge. In addition, the cars also make an outstanding point to the game. The Project Offroad owns a huge number of modern cars, with a variety of colors that are expressed in a vibrant way. In addition, the rhythm of the background music in the game is quite fun so that it can bring you the best relaxing moments.


Download Project Offroad MOD APK

Overall, this Project Offroad game is perfect in both terms of gameplay and graphics, which will definitely give you a great experience. This game has been released for less than 2 weeks but has received over 1 million downloads and over 75,000 positive reviews on Google Play, the numbers are impressive. If you like Project Offroad, you can download the game from the link below to experience completely freely.

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