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Prison Escape MOD APK (Free Purchases) 0.3.12

Prison Escape MOD APK – Solve puzzles to escape, find a way out, escape room jail game, room scape game.

App NamePrison Escape
Publisher Big Giant Games
MOD InfoFree Purchases
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About Prison Escape

Are you up for the final task of getting out of prison with lots of guards? Look no further than Prison Escape, a thrilling mix of solving puzzles and going on adventures that will test your skills and logical thinking. In this piece, we’ll detail the world of Prison Escape and how it’s played.

Alcatraz Lockdown: The Journey Starts

As you begin your trip in Prison Escape, you are wrongly accused of being a criminal and locked up in an old jail that looks much like Alcatraz. Your reflexes to stay alive kick in, and you understand that you must become a jail escapist to get out. To get out, you must get through several challenging levels, each with its feel and problems to solve.

From Cells to Workshops, Exploring the Depths

On your way to freedom, you must go through different parts of the jail, each with its challenges. From the limits of your jail cell to the highly guarded security areas, like the workshop and storage room, you must use your intelligence and cleverness to find clues, find hidden things, and solve complex tasks. Prison Cell, Security Cell, Easy Wing, Storage Room, Cell Blocks, Workshop, Secure Level, and Upper Floors are some levels you’ll see.

Escaping Alcatraz: A True Adventure

After you break out of jail and finish all the challenges that have to do with prison, the real adventure starts. Prison Escape takes you on exciting toes beyond Alcatraz. From the dangerous Sewers to the guarded Outpost and the busy Wharf, you have to stay one step ahead of the people after you while you figure out what’s going on.

A Puzzle to Solve: The New Dawn Facility

In your search for freedom, you find the New Dawn facility, which is said to hold the key to protecting people from disasters. Explore exciting places like the mysterious Forest, the depths of the Underground Lab, the busy Research Center, and the peaceful Riverside. Each area has unique problems and puzzles that must be solved to get the much-needed medicine.

An Adventure Around the World

Prepare for a world adventure that will take you to many places. Start an adventurous trip to the beautiful Himalayas, where the thin air is only matched by the size of the difficulties you’ll face. Explore remote forest islands and find out what an old Mayan temple is hiding as you look for your way to freedom. As the story goes on, there are levels set in an airport, a forest, the Himalayas, Mayan ruins, and even a work-from-home office.

Escape Room: No Way Home is a Thriller

You’ll face an even more enormous task once you’ve proven your skills by getting out of jails and other places. Get ready for the Escape Puzzle Thriller, where you can’t run away. Move through dangerous levels like the Hospital Escape, the Log Cabin Escape, the Tribal Village Pandemonium, and the mysterious Ghost Town. Only the bravest and most creative people can solve these complex problems and figure out what they are hiding.

Logic Quest: The Secret Revealed

Every room in this fun Prison Escape puzzle game is made to test your ability to think logically and figure out what’s going on. As you dig through the mysterious path, you can look for things and collect them to help you escape jail. Sharpen your thoughts, work on your thinking, and find the keys to your freedom.

Adventure off the grid: Anytime, Anywhere

The game is a fantastic offline puzzle game that can be played anytime, anywhere, on your way to work on vacation. The game is made to be played without an internet link, so you can start your exciting escape trip even if you don’t have one. Immerse yourself in the exciting games, and let the game’s tasks keep you busy when you have time to kill.

Key Features of the Game: Mystery Room Escape from Jail

Prison Escape has many features that make the game fun and keep you interested through your escape journey. Here are some things about the game that stand out:

  • Classic Prison Escape Room Puzzle: Step into the world of classic Prison Escape games, where every step you take gets you closer to freedom. Use your critical skills and search for tasks that will make you think.
  • Investigate, Find Clues, and Collect Items: Carefully looking around will help you discover what’s happening in the jail. Find hidden hints and valuable things, then smartly use them to get past problems and closer to your goal.
  • Crisp HD Graphics: Dive into the jail world with beautiful high-definition graphics that bring it to life. Every element has been carefully thought out, so you can get lost in this game.
  • Simple Gameplay: The game has simple and easy-to-understand features, so people of all skill levels can play and enjoy it without problems. The main goal is to solve the issues and move quickly through the ranks.
  • Helpful Hints: Don’t worry if you get stuck on a challenging task. The game gives tips to help you find your way, giving you help whenever you need it.
  • Extra World Adventure Escape Game Levels: As you beat the Prison Escape tasks, this game will give you more levels in exciting new places as a prize. Start a trip worldwide that will test your skills and keep you interested.
  • Extra Thriller Escape Puzzle Levels: You’ll get the ultimate adrenaline rush when you reach the exciting escape puzzle levels. These tasks will increase your heart rate, leaving no room for mistakes or hesitation.
  • Available in Multiple Languages: Prison Escaensuressure that the game is easy to play by making it available in several languages. Choose the language you understand best, and starting your escape trip will be easy.
  • Improve Your Mind Offline: The game strengthens your mind and solves problems even when not connected to the internet. Use the time you have to yourself to get better at solving puzzles.

MOD APK version of Prison Escape

MOD feature

Free purchases with real money (requires internet and authorization in Google services).


Prison Escape is a fun and addicting puzzle game that will keep your mind busy and test your problem-solving ability. Explore the depths of the prison, find hidden hints, and solve complex tasks to get out. This game will keep you entertained for hours thanks to its engaging Gameplay, beautiful graphics, and ability to be played without an internet connection. Are you ready to show that you’re the best at getting out of trouble? Take on the task and figure out how Prison Escape works today.

Download Prison Escape MOD APK (Free Purchases) 0.3.12

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