Power Fishing MOD Apk V1.0.20- Purple Ocean's new 3D fishing game

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Power Fishing 1

Fishing is a very interesting sport that many people love. However, you do not always have the time to go fishing. But we have a way for you to enjoy this sport. We will bring you an extremely authentic and exciting mobile fishing game. This game is called Power Fishing, which was released a few days ago by Purple Ocean.

Power Fishing 1

Accordingly, Power Fishing is a fishing game for mobile with realistic 3D graphics, that is very easy play. Currently, the game is released on two major platforms Android and iOS for completely free. Here, ApkMod will guide you on how to play the game and introduce the most prominent features in the game Power Fishing, and the end will be the download link for you.

Power Fishing 2

Power Fishing – Purple Ocean’s new 3D fishing game

The game content

Joining the game, you will be given the option to play as any character you want and the type of character will not affect the effectiveness. In the beginning, you will have one of the lowest level puzzle to get used to the gameplay of Power Fishing. Once you are accustomed to, you can adventure around the world to conquer the new fish or the largest fish. So, this Power Fishing game will allow you to explore the most beautiful and quiet fishing spots. In order to conquer large fish, you need to constantly upgrade your fishing gear such as fishing gear, fishing rods, and bait.

Power Fishing 3

The best fishing technique

It sounds like fishing is simple, but it does not in fact. You have to have the skills to win the big fish, otherwise, you will lose with full of regret. Start fishing, you need to touch the screen to throw the bait. Once the fish has bitten, a power meter will appear, and you will rely on it for pull the fish to the shore. You will touch the circle at the corner of the screen and spin to start bringing the fish to shore. It will depend much on your ingenuity to get the fish as strong as possible. When the fish is still strong, you must release the rope for the fish to run. When the health bar of the fish show that it is reduced, you need to quickly pull and put it ashore. With small fishes, putting them ashore is quite simple but in contrast to large fish, it takes time and much of effort.

Upgrade the hook

Gradually, you will be able to conquer the bigger fish and you need to constantly upgrade your fishing gear. With larger fish, you need longer rolls, more powerful hooks, and fishing rods. You can raise the fish you have caught and sell them for money to buy new fishing gear. Going to different locations, you will have to use different types of baits. If you do not upgrade your fishing gear, you will lose against the big fish.

Power Fishing 4

A diverse map with a variety of fish

As said, you can travel to many different places like rivers, lakes, streams … with beautiful surroundings, which will help you relax with nature. You will have to unlock new fishing areas with earned money. New locations will have different types of fish.

The game Power Fishing has many different types of fish which are divided into many types such as river fish, lakes, stream fish, .. or saltwater fish, fresh-water fish … with different sizes. These fish are all the real type of fish which have been brought to the game.

Images and sounds

The game Power Fishing has been developed with realistic standards, giving the player the ultimate gaming experience and is equipped with high-quality 3D graphics. The scene building, the fishing locations and the shaping of the fish are extremely authentic and eye-catching. During the fishing, you will catch the sound effects and phone vibration. They will make you feel like you are directly fishing, not simply playing an entertainment game.

Download Power Fishing MOD Apk

Power Fishing brings you incredibly healthy, no killing and deadly time-consuming gameplay like today’s popular survival games. Power Fishing will be a great choice for those who love fishing. You can download the game through the links below, there will be original version from Google Play and a Power Fishing MOD Apk version for you to choose.

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