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PoMelo File Explorer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.7.9

A powerful tool to manage files on your Android phone.

App NamePoMelo File Explorer
Publisher Android Does Team
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About PoMelo File Explorer

PoMelo File Explorer is a fantastic file manager that will help users be more organized and use their storage space better. The app’s streamlined approach to file management stems from its extensive features, user-friendly layout, and emphasis on safety. This article goes into PoMelo File Explorer’s many features, including its capacity for storage analysis, application management, file categorization, bookmarking, a search bar, file sharing, and user privacy protection.

Examine Data for Insightful Device Management of Storage

PoMelo File Explorer provides a graphical interface that lets customers get a quick and accessible grasp of how much space their mobile devices use—the device’s streamlined file management results from its intuitive internal storage file management mechanism. Files may be viewed, deleted, relocated, renamed, and annotated with the help of this all-inclusive application, allowing for more streamlined file management and better use of available capacity.

Control Software: Simplify Application Administration

The app gives a centralized location to control the software installed on a mobile device. Users can quickly see how much space an app takes on their device and execute operations like backing up, pausing, and deleting. Thanks to this functionality, users may have more control over their device’s performance and storage capacity.

Files Can Be Navigated Effortlessly By Category

PoMelo File Explorer provides a straightforward interface for navigating the various file types stored on a user’s device. Users may quickly access their data (photos, movies, applications, downloads, archives, and more) from the homepage. The program also allows for grid and list layouts, facilitating flexible and simple file management.

Useful Shortcuts to Your Favorite Files

The app includes a bookmarking function for the benefit of its users. Users can select their preferred folders and “bookmark” them to be quickly accessed from the main menu. This simplifies future folder navigation, saving users time and effort often spent on laborious manual directory searches.

Speedy Document Recovery Thanks to the Search Box

With the app’s built-in global search function, users may look for specific files anywhere on the device’s internal storage or external SD card. A search history may be retrieved quickly and easily, reducing wasted time and effort looking for previously located data.

Simple File Transfer and Sharing

PoMelo File Explorer’s built-in Wi-Fi file transfer capabilities Makemake sharing files with others easy. Files may be transferred rapidly between mobile devices and desktops over Wi-Fi and hotspots, even without an active Internet connection. This function lets users quickly and easily share large or small data such as programs, films, music, and photos.

Authorization: Establishing Reliable Operation

The program needs access to manage external storage for optimal performance. With this access, the software may scan the device’s storage for unused or redundant data, among other useful functions. The app’s permission needs are necessary to deliver users a feature-rich file management experience.

MOD APK version of PoMelo File Explorer

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked


PoMelo File Explorer completely changes the game regarding managing files because of its extensive set of useful tools, straightforward interface, and solid protections. The software analyzes storage, simplifies program administration, sorts data into categories, offers bookmarks and search tools, makes it easy to share files with others, and puts user privacy first, giving users greater control over how their devices are used. Users may take their file-management experience to new heights of efficiency and ease using PoMelo File Explorer.

Download PoMelo File Explorer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.7.9

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