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Police Sim 2022 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.9.6

App NamePolice Sim 2022
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Police Sim 2022 is an exciting open-world simulation game with many unique missions. You will become a talented cop who drives different vehicles to patrol the city and hunt down criminals.

About Police Sim 2022

Police Sim 2022 is the latest driving simulation game from the makers of Driving School Sim, Ovidiu Pop. This driving simulation game is distinctive, giving players a more realistic and stimulating experience. Players will experience daily activities on the street through quests instead of following a specific storyline. With realistic graphics and engaging gameplay, this game is expected to be at the top of the most popular simulation games.

Police Sim 2022 mod apk download

The plot of the game

The main plot of Police Sim 2022 is not severe or complicated. Instead, it is simple and depicts everyday life in big cities. As a traffic cop, you can patrol and explore these vast cities simultaneously. The game will provide you with many different types of vehicles to use and perform tasks. If you are passionate about being a traffic cop, this simulation game is perfect for you.


Your mission throughout the game is to drive through the streets and perform the required tasks. Your responsibility is to keep the neighborhood safe and orderly. Every day, the game will provide many functions in many different locations for you to perform. You can choose the appearance of the police character and a favorite car before completing the mission.

The vehicle system in Police Sim 2022 is very diverse for you to choose from. If you like simplicity, choose a classic police patrol car. If you want a breakthrough, choose supercars or vehicles with weird designs. You can control them by tilting the machine, using buttons, or the virtual steering wheel. It will help you better manage the steering wheel, accelerator, and other details if you are inexperienced. If you already have driving experience, enjoy driving these police cars.

After that, drive around the city and start performing different missions. These quests have no time limit, so you can take advantage of the opportunity to explore the streets on extensive maps.

Police Sim 2022 gameplay

Daily tasks from basic to serious

Police Sim 2022 will change daily missions, so you don’t do the same. Every day is a different challenge for you to practice your driving skills while practicing your police skills. Tasks you can do are:

  • The Chase mission is a mission for fans who are passionate about speed and like drama. You have to chase the suspect and do everything you can, even crash your car to catch them.
  • The Roadblock mission: In this mission, you need to help your team block the road of suspect vehicles.
  • The Police Escort mission: Your teammates need support, and you need to control your car to escort you through dangerous roads.
  • The Parking and Radar missions: this is a mission for those who like idle and community work. You will experience a day of ticket control staff.
  • The Fugitive mission: thrilling races to catch up with criminals are what you will experience in this mission.
  • The Follow mission: a plan to catch criminals has been made, and your task is to follow their car closely to capture the location.
  • The Stakeout missions: This mission is for those who love taking pictures. You need to patrol the streets and capture illegal acts constantly.

Customize your favorite car

There are more than 40 police cars with different designs and functions for you to choose from. You can experience the usual police cars to the most modern ones. The publisher will constantly update cars with new shapes and functions for you to experience. When you own your favorite vehicles, don’t forget to customize or upgrade them for better control. Police Sim 2022 allows you to customize many different parts of your car. Especially the engine and machine parts to make them operate more powerfully. Besides, you can change the car’s appearance with a unique paint palette. Don’t forget to add accessories to make them stand out.

Various quest locations

This game’s map gives you variety and fun. It leads you to many cities and locations to perform different missions. Each site is a new style such as suburban area, luxury city, seaside neighborhood, etc. The city in this game seems to be four times bigger than previous simulation games. Therefore, you will never feel constrained or bored by the beauty of these cities.

Police Sim 2022 features

Graphics and sound

Possessing impressive 3D graphics, Police Sim 2022 brings large open city spaces. You will discover landscapes from the ordinary to the sumptuous. Moreover, each movement of characters and vehicles in the game also leaves a particular impression. The design of the cars is also a big plus for the game. In addition, the sound system in the game is also an excellent investment. Every sound of a car collision, the sound of brakes or the sound of an engine, etc., gives you goosebumps. All these factors significantly increase your playing experience.

MOD APK of Police Sim 2022

MOD info

  • Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money to buy items and unlock new cars.
  • Menu MOD: Enable the option in the mod menu before playing.


Choose your favorite car and go on special missions in Police Sim 2022 now. Download the game to immerse yourself in traffic police work in great cities.

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