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Pokémon UNITE is the latest mobile game project produced in collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Tencent Games’ TiMi Studios. After more than 2 years of development, the game is officially available on Android and iOS app markets. However, the game is only available in some countries and regions. You can’t find it on the Play Store? Don’t worry because this article provides you with the necessary files to install and enjoy this game no matter what country you are in.

Introducing Pokémon UNITE

In fact, Pokémon UNITE is not a mobile-exclusive game. The game was first released on Nintendo Switch in July 2021. About 2 months later, the mobile version for Android and iOS was also officially released. However, instead of paying $49.99 for the Nintendo version, you can now download it for free from the Play Store and App Store. Now the concept of free pokemon games is like a dream come true for many people. We are all too familiar with Nintendo’s exclusivity for this game series. The developer’s easing has brought the game to a wider audience of players.

Basically, Pokémon UNITE is still inspired by the Pokemon series when players have the opportunity to meet many of the familiar and iconic Pokemon that have made a name for this series such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle. In addition to completely different gameplay from its predecessors, the game offers beautiful 3D graphics and vivid sound.

Pokémon UNITE is currently in beta, so it’s only available in select countries including Canada, Singapore, and North America. You can use a VPN to find it on the Play Store or download the files we have provided below.

Pokémon UNITE-mod-apk-download

Key features of Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE may be the most unique game you’ve ever seen in the entire Pokemon game series. So what sets it apart from the rest? let’s see.

Fresh gameplay

Pokémon UNITE is a versatile, fresh, and fun MOBA game. The change in gameplay of the game marks a breakthrough for this franchise when the developer decided to step into a completely new genre. You will be a bit surprised by what Pokémon UNITE brings is unlike previous traditional products. But we bet you’ll love it quickly.

If you have ever played League of Legends or Dota 2, you will quickly adapt to this game. The rules are generally simpler to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone including those who have never heard of the MOBA game concept before. Right from the start of the game, Pokémon UNITE provides basic to advanced tutorials on the control mechanics and rules of battles with the familiar electric mouse Pikachu.

Pokémon UNITE keeps the core of a traditional MOBA game with real-time 5vs5 battles. Before each match, players will choose the Pokemon they will control. When there are 10 players connected, the battle will begin. The sole goal of each team is to work together to gain control of the map and score as many points as possible. To be suitable for a mobile game, matches in the game take place within a time limit of 10 minutes. After the timer counts down to 0, the team with the higher score will win.

Balance in real time battles

To ensure balance in matches, all players start the match the same. It means your pokemon are all basic level and haven’t unlocked new attributes. By moving around the map and fighting wild Pokemon, your character has a chance to level up to unlock new skills. The more experience points accumulated, the stronger the Pokemon. All pokemon in the game have an evolution mechanism. When enough experience points are accumulated, a pokemon can evolve to new levels with special attributes unlocked.

Pokémon UNITE is a team fighting game so skill is not the only thing to win. We are talking about team tactics. Besides, defeating wild pokemon not only gives exp for your Pokemon. When a player battles and wins against powerful wild pokemon such as Drednaw, Rotom, and Zapdos, it creates special effects that affect other team members. Therefore, working well with your teammates is very important. Do not forget that.

Pokémon UNITE gameplay


The map of Pokémon UNITE is inspired by other popular MOBA games such as Heroes of Storm and League of Legends. Areas on the map are designed symmetrically to each other through a horizontal axis located in the center of the map. There is a big difference that the game’s map does not have traditional towers and main lanes. The mini-map is located in the top left corner of the screen for you to monitor the status of the battle and check the location of your teammates.

Each map is divided into two symmetrical areas, each side has 5 colored points corresponding to 5 members of the team. The task of each player is to protect this point by all means, because when the opponent approaches it, they have a chance to score and win.

The map also marks the locations of wild Pokemon. They are your starter opponents before facing other players in real-time battles. Pokémon UNITE currently has 4 main maps including Shivre City, Auroma Park, Mer Stadium, and Remoat Stadium. Although the terrains of each map are different, they share the same structure.

Pokemon System

Many people are concerned that they have to spend a lot of time unlocking new characters in MOBA games. But Pokémon UNITE certainly does not disappoint. There is now a collection of more than 20 Pokemon ready for you to choose from at any time. The Pokemon collection is exactly what you would expect including familiar names like Pikachu, Charizard, and Greninja. Besides, there are also some strange names on the list such as Cramorant. The Pokemon system is constantly being added in updates from the publisher.

Each Pokemon has a different base attribute system and completely unique skill set. It ensures you don’t get bored when you decide to try a new character. Some new Pokemon can be unlocked by completing quests or purchased directly in the store. Based on the characteristics, we can divide Pokemon into 5 classes including Defender, Supporter, Attacker, All-Rounder and Speedster. Of course, each class has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, Defenders can be considered as powerful tanks in Pokémon UNITE when they have great HP and high damage when attacking at close range. Meanwhile, Supporters are Pokemon that usually stay out of battles but have the perfect skill set to support HP and mana recovery for teammates. Each type of character plays a set of rules in the match so no class is absolutely perfect.

Pokemon are in their base state at the start of a match, but they can increase their stats by fighting and upgrading. When a Pokemon reaches a certain level, they unlock Unite Move, a unique and extremely powerful skill. Besides the initial 2 basic skills, you need to quickly unlock the Unite Move for your Pokemon to gain an advantage in the match. Don’t forget that evolution is also a way to increase your Pokemon’s power.

Pokémon UNITE-features

In-game currency system

It’s quite strange that there are 5 different currencies in Pokémon UNITE. These include Aeos Coins, Aeos Tickets, Fashion Tickets, Holowear, which are currencies that can be earned by playing, and Aeos Gems, premium currencies that can only be obtained by purchasing with real money.

Aeos Coins can be considered as the base currency in the game because it is quite easy to earn. You can get them after each match, or get them as rewards for daily events and unlock achievements. Aeos tickets are only earned from event quests. You can use them to buy character accessories. There are also Fashion and Holowear Tickets – used to get new Trainer skins and Pokemon skins – they just come from a random draw in a loot box known as the Energy Rewards system.

Cross-platform support

As we mentioned, Pokémon UNITE is a cross-platform game as it is available on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. There is an interesting point that the developer has announced that the game allows cross-platform play. It means that players on different platforms have the opportunity to play together in real-time matches. This may be good news for many people, but some don’t think so. Many people think that playing cross-platform can cause an imbalance in matches.

Great graphics

The graphics of Pokémon UNITE do not disappoint us. The developer has designed their game completely on the 3D platform with an impressive graphic style. The colors and details are a perfect blend. It both highlights the scene of the battles between Pokemon, and brings a pleasant feeling to the player.

APK of Pokémon UNITE

Original version

The Pokémon UNITE project was first announced in March 2020. After more than a year of development, it was finally released. The game is still in beta, though, so it’s currently only available in Canada and some other regions. This barrier can be completely removed because we provide you with the APK file of this game. Therefore, you can easily install it for free.

MOD APK of Pokémon UNITE

Currently, the mod version of the game is not available. We hope to be able to publish it as soon as possible in the future. Even so, the chances are pretty low because Pokémon UNITE is an online game.


If you are a big fan of the Pokemon Series, you definitely cannot ignore Pokémon UNITE. The game gives you a whole new look at this brand with a lot of unique features compared to the rest. Please download the game via the link below.

Download Pokémon UNITE MOD APK (NO)

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