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Pokémon Aloha Pika Pika MOD APK (NO) 1.0

App NamePokémon Aloha Pika Pika
Publisher Pokémon Aloha
Require6.0 and up
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March 2, 2022, is a special day for fans of pokemon and animated games. An attractive game in the role-playing genre – Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika, has been released with impressive gameplay and graphics. Players will be led into new unique arenas and meet cool pokemon.

Pokémon Aloha Pika Pika mod apk download

About Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika

Pokemon is a famous cartoon associated with the childhood of many people. There are hundreds of games and stories designed based on the inspiration from this cartoon. As a fan of this animation, everyone wants to own a unique Pokemon collection. Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika is released to help all gamers own a perfect collection. You will become Ash and begin your journey to collect pokemon through exciting events and tournaments. Not only that but you are also challenged with many interesting missions while playing. Collecting Pokemon is not as simple as you think, and this collecting journey will bring you many exciting experiences.

Pokémon Aloha Pika Pika gameplay


Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika is an RPG game packed with elements of monster training and charismatic strategy. Your main task in this game is to be the best pokemon trainer and win them all. Exciting duels are the stage for you to showcase your talents. You will start the game by going on quests to collect pokemon. Then train them and let them go to war with other squads. All pokemon will fight in turns and pre-arranged formations during the battle.

It would be best if you also watched out for coaches from other squads. Their battle strategy can make you lose. Therefore, do not forget to move to different map areas, searching for more powerful pokemon. The quest system will be a compass to help you find and collect better pokemon. You will receive the reward and the corresponding pokemon when completing the mission. You can also unlock new pokemon by winning events. Different events are happening every week for you to participate in and collect more pokemon.

Form a pokemon squad and fight

A strong pokemon squad combined with a reasonable strategy will help you win every battle. Before forming a pokemon team, you need to care about their strengths and skills. Pokemon of different elements will have additional power and attack abilities. The elemental system has not changed much in Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika. You will encounter pokemon of fire, water, earth, air, etc. For combat, some pokemon you can take advantage of are Heatwave, Discharge, Psycho Cut, Extrasensory, Surf, Thunder Punch, etc. Pay attention to the suitability of the pokemon’s elements to choose a suitable squad.

Equip pokemon with fighting and evolving skills

During Pokemon training, you can add and upgrade existing skills. Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika allows you to add or change their skills and equipment. Each piece of equipment will have different levels. It would help if you used gold to upgrade this equipment. You can choose to upgrade once or upgrade five times to save time. For example, with Collar charge, its base level only stops at Basic Attri. You will unlock the Evolve Attri with higher HP and S.ATK as you upgrade it to higher levels. Boosting the level of this equipment also helps to improve the pokemon’s level. The stronger the equipment and skills, the easier it is for your pokemon to win over your opponents in matches.

Pokémon Aloha Pika Pika features

Diverse game modes

Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika doesn’t just ask you to do quests. Instead, the game opens many modes for you to participate and unlock pokemon. You can try out your formation and battle tactics in PvP mode. Join alliances if you want to meet other players and learn from them. Membership of these alliances can help you complete quests and collect more pokemon. Some missions in the alliance also help you upgrade skills and get more equipment.

In addition, you can also join the battle with legendary pokemon to test your strength. Choose pokemon with elements in common with the ones you own. Then let them compete against each other to see who is more robust. You will learn how to become the best pokemon trainer through these modes.

Unique maps and arenas

The map and arena system in Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika will never let you down. You can not only collect pokemon and do quests in the neighborhood or on the road. Instead, you can travel to many different locations and areas to do this collection. Besides, the arena system is also specially designed. It is an open space for you to arrange pokemon positions freely. It also switches between many arenas to bring you new feelings in every combat. The effects in these areas are also very diverse. Each pokemon’s moves are designed specifically according to their element. It gives you the feeling of fighting with real warriors.

MOD APK of Pokémon Aloha Pika Pika

MOD info

Currently, the mod does not exist. We will update the latest mod of Pokémon Aloha Pika Pika as soon as it becomes available.


Make your dream of owning a full set of pokemon come true with Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika. Download this game now and enjoy the special quests, arenas, and pokemon system.

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