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Pocket Academy 3 is a prequel to the popular simulation game series from Kairosoft. You will go on to become the administrator of a school. Its sole goal is to grow its size and reputation to attract new students. There are tons of exciting things waiting for you. Are you ready to enjoy them now?

About Pocket Academy 3

Pocket Academy 3 is the latest product released by Kairosoft, known as the creator of many other popular Android games such as Hot Springs Story, Grand Prix Story, and Convenience Stories. Kairosoft’s simulation games are usually easy to play with an intuitive interface and lots of fun activities. Even so, they all have an incredible depth of content. We used to play as spa managers, run an F1 team, and now become school principals in Pocket Academy 3.

Pocket Academy 3 allows you to become a high school principal in Japan. Your job will be to run all the activities inside the school. These include arranging classes, organizing clubs, running special events, or even creating a couple met. More than that, you will also have to manage and teach your students. Finally, as students graduate, you’ll need to help them shape their future by advising them on the right careers.

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Build and manage a school

The first job you need to do will be to build a new school. In Pocket Academy 3, you become the manager of a newly established high school in Japan. It is a spot surrounded by dancing cherry trees with beautiful mountain views. It is a great learning experience for the students. But how do we attract new students to join? You have to do something.

To begin with, you will need to choose a location for your school. In Pocket Academy 3, there are 5 locations: Sunny Vale, Normalville, Lakeside, Hill Valley, and Heavenly Hills.

After you have chosen the school’s location, your next job is to name the school. You can name whatever you want. Next, you can choose uniforms for students of the school. Of course, the uniforms of male and female students will be different. In addition, these costumes are already designed; you need to choose the models you like.

Next, you can start creating your first student. You can give them a name, then choose a look. You can even customize the gender if you want. And finally, choose the student’s personality.

Pocket Academy 3 gameplay

The new school year begins.

After you have done the above settings, your school is ready to open. At this time, students will register to attend the school. Soon, a new school year will begin. Of course, you will experience an exciting and grand opening ceremony. New students will appear one by one. At the same time, you will receive their tuition fees. This amount will be added to the school’s financial fund.

Also, at this stage, you will receive help from the principal assistant, who will guide you through the basic tasks of running the school.

Attract new students

As your education grows, you will be able to attract more students to your school. In Pocket Academy 3, there are many ways to get more students to come. The first is to develop the quality of teaching. To do this, you will have to give test questions and ensure students can pass them. Secondly, you can develop a system of clubs in the school. Of course, we all want to attend a dynamic and exciting school. Therefore, expanding the club will help attract students to attend your wall. And finally, you can build more facilities to improve the quality of the school. Medical rooms, libraries, research rooms, computer rooms, etc.

In addition, you can also accept transfer students to study at your school. Transfer students often bring higher income from tuition fees.

Expand your school

To expand the area of ​​the school, you can build more facilities. In Pocket Academy 3, works will be divided into different groups. Specifically, you can build buildings for teaching, such as classrooms, libraries, and research rooms. Besides, there are buildings for clubs, such as basketball courts, volleyball courts, and fitness areas. On the other hand, you can also build facilities to develop school services such as canteens, medical rooms, and restrooms.

Each room will carry its function. Moreover, they also give you upgrade points that can be used to improve the school’s teaching quality.

Pocket Academy 3 features

Follow students

To follow a certain student in the school, you need to tap on that student. After that, a parameter panel will appear. You can track the student’s stats, such as intelligence, fitness, and emotions. Moreover, you can keep track of the student’s current work. At the same time, the student’s clubs and talents will also be displayed. Thanks to that, you can choose the best development direction for them.

Teacher training

The teachers in your school will be erudite professors. This means that these professors can teach many subjects at the same time. However, they also have their strengths and weaknesses regarding teaching. For that, you will need school training to get a better education.

More specifically, when you tap on any teacher in the school, their teaching parameters table will appear. Here, you can choose to upgrade professors to increase your teaching ability. However, you will need to use training points when upgrading them. At this point, you can choose the stats to boost as you like.

Besides, upgrading a teacher will also increase their salary. It means you will have to spend more, but the quality of teaching will improve.

Make subject tests

One way to improve your school’s teaching quality is to introduce subject tests. If your students can pass them, your school will be recognized for its excellent training. On the other hand, this will also help increase the school’s popularity. From there, you can attract more students to study. In addition, if you can pass the test of any subject, that subject will be leveled up. This also gives you more upgrade points.

Create clubs

In the schools in Pocket Academy 3, you can create a lot of different clubs. This is a playground for students to express themselves. Moreover, participating in clubs also contributes to improving students’ attitudes and emotions. The clubs in the game are divided into a lot of groups. For example, sports clubs include table tennis, basketball, football, etc. Or study clubs include reading clubs, self-study clubs, math clubs, and history clubs.

Try to organize as many clubs as possible. As a result, the students automatically get interested and engaged in them. This not only helps the school become dynamic but also contributes to attracting students to study.

Pairing in school

Love is a beautiful and indispensable thing in our lives. The same is true in the school environment. In Pocket Academy 3, you can connect characters. However, this must satisfy the condition that they have noticed each other before. Pairing students up will help improve their attitudes and feelings in school. However, the learning indicators may be reduced.


Pocket Academy 3 has a 3D graphic design with an excellent and exciting pixel style. The movements and manipulations in the game are very smooth. What’s more, the details are also displayed quite well. The graphics will bring you the feeling of playing games on Nintendo consoles in the 2010s – familiar and attractive.

MOD APK of Pocket Academy 3

Pocket Academy 3 is now available on many different iOS and Android platforms. However, this is a paid game. Specifically, to own this game, you will have to spend $ 5.99 to unlock it. But now, you can download Pocket Academy 3 MOD APK entirely free at APKmazon. New versions and game features will be updated regularly, and you will not need to pay any cost to experience them.

MOD Info:

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  • Free download on APKmazon.com


Let’s experience what it feels like to be a school principal. Can you run the activities and create an excellent educational environment? – Please click the link below to download and install Pocket Academy 3 MOD APK.

Download Pocket Academy 3 MOD APK (Paid) 2.2.6

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