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Currently there are many ways to make money online or through certain applications. By doing this, you do not need to invest capital, just have time to earn money. We introduce you a money-making application called Plenyut.


The main features of Plenyut

  • Easy to use with a capacity of only 2MB so the device memory is not wasted
  • Optimal interface for mobile platforms, it’s easy to get used to
  • Only show the survey questions of the system
  • Accumulate IDR balance as much as possible
  • Exchange IDR balances with various exchange methods
  • Make money easily, without thinking and brainstorming
  • Share the referral code with friends
  • In order to attract more users, Plenyut gives users IDR 15,000 for each new user referral. Each new user when installing needs to enter a referral code, please introduce your code to a friend, the balance will increase.

Download Plenyut APK

A great app for you to make money at idle times, even when you’re at home. You cannot download it on Google Play, you can only download it via our Plenyut APK version. You just need to click on the link below to download this application and install.

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