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Plant Empires: Arena Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.1.7

App NamePlant Empires: Arena Game
Publisher Rofi
Require9.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Fight and protect life on the future earth through battles between plants and the undead in Plant Empires: Arena Game (MOD Unlimited Money/No Ads).

About Plant Empires: Arena Game

Plant Empires: Arena Game is an NFT game developed by Rofi. Recently, it has been a scorching game in the NFTs gaming community. The game possesses simple but exciting gameplay and many challenges when the player must control his army of plants to defend against attacks from the undead. In particular, players can trade all in-game items for crypto. With Plant Empires, you can both entertain and get rich.

Even if you are not interested in crypto, this game is worth playing.


Plant Empires: Arena Game is set in the future on Earth. Here, everyone lives in peace and prosperity. Plants also flourished. They become essential to human life. People use trees for industry, construction, and many other important purposes.

However, everything changed after a disaster. Earth suffered a meteor shower. It carries toxic chemicals from space. They turn humans into ferocious and bloodthirsty creatures, known as undead.

Not only that, this disaster spread like a disease. Survivors are trying to research and find an antidote. Meanwhile, scientists have discovered that they can change the genes of plants to turn them into warriors. The battle between zombies and plants officially begins.

Plant Empires mod apk download


Perhaps many people confuse the gameplay of Plant Empires with another famous game with the same theme, Plants vs. Zombies. However, the gameplay of Plants Empires is different. It’s like the traditional tower defense games. Specifically, you must arrange a suitable lineup before the battles. A standard team consists of 4 plants. Then they will help you fight the undead.

The undead attacked in waves. Their goal is to break through your defenses to enter buildings. You must order your heroes to destroy all the enemies before they get close. Each type of tree has its own characteristics and a unique set of skills. Basic attacks automatically activate while you need to activate special skills manually.

In addition, you can use additional items in battle. Overall, the gameplay of Plant Empires is highly tactical, but it is still easy to get used to and enjoyable.

You can monitor the status of the plant warriors and the progress of the match through the summary table in the corner of the screen.

Complete chapters to unlock new missions. You can move to new maps, unlock plants, upgrade equipment, and more.

Arrange a battle team of plants.

Plant Empires: Arena Game APK has many different types of mutant plants. You can also line them up in a lineup to fight the undead. To have a strong squad, you should choose plants that support each other. For example, some plants have high damage but low health. Some do not damage opponents greatly but can restore HP to allies. A perfect formation should have a balance between attack and defense.

In particular, you should put plants with high HP at the front of the squad. They have good stamina and can protect teammates in the back.

Level up the plants

In Plant Empires MOD APK, plants can accumulate experience points through battles. From there, they evolve and increase their stats. However, players can speed up this process by upgrading their own troops. Specifically, you will use Gold to enhance the plants you own. With each upgrade, the player will receive special effects such as an excellent level up or restoring the team’s vitality.

Supported Items

Besides the above features, you can also use special items in the Plant Empires APK game. These include vitality, mana, and revival pots. You should equip them before entering each battle. Just touch these items to activate them on the plants automatically.

Unique skills

Each plant species has a unique skill in Plant Empires: Arena Game. These skills are activated when the level is reached. Each tree has a mana castle. Using a skill will cost mana; you will have to wait for it to cool down the next time you activate it.

Unique skills are one of the most effective ways to kill zombies quickly. They do massive damage to opponents, and some can also strengthen plants. For example, it can increase the defense of the whole team for a short time, revive health, increase attack speed, and some other unique effects. Besides automatic regular attacks, you need to activate skills to use them manually.

Fusions and revival Plants

You can thoroughly combine different varieties of plants to create a new stronger object. This is the genetic mutation method in science. More specifically, you can choose three different types of plants, then fuse them to create a superior species with higher fighting power. However, this process will consume quite a lot of Gold. Also, you’re not always lucky enough to succeed with it.

The battles in Plant Empires: Arena Game APK MOD are always fierce. Sometimes your fighting plants can get injured. You will have to wait for them to recover. Usually, this process will take a few hours. However, another faster way is to use Revival pots, which are sold in shops for 500 Gold.

Plant Empires features

Farming land and storage

Plant Empires: Arena APK allows players to buy virtual lands in the game to own them permanently. This will be their full ownership property. They can use them for farming. From there, they can create new varieties of plants.

Storage is also an important function you need to pay attention to. It is where you can store the items collected in the matches. They can be gems, chests, boxes, and other tools. Storage capacity is limited. If you want to expand Storage, you need to upgrade it.

An NFT Game

Plant Empires is an NFT game. There is a separate trading area where players can sell in-game items. The way it works is like a cryptocurrency market. By trading on this marketplace, you can get cryptocurrencies and convert them into real money. It is a simple way for you to make money from the game.

Game Mode

Plants Empires Arena MOD APK has two different game modes. Each game mode has its own rules. These include:

  • Adventure: It’s like the traditional story mode. You will play on a map of many different levels in this mode. Your opponent is AI. The levels have increasing difficulty. You must complete a level if you want to unlock the next one.
  • Arena: This is an online game mode where you will compete with other players in a real-time match. In this mode, you team up with another player to fight against attacks from zombies. The player who survives last and kills more undead will be the winner.


MOD APK of Plant Empires: Arena Game

The MOD APK version of Plant Empires gives you a lot of Gold. You can use them freely in upgrading battle formations or buying items. At the same time, all ads in the game are also completely removed. In short, it will bring players great entertainment moments.

MOD Info:

  • MOD Unlimited Money/Coins/Golds
  • Ads – free
  • Free download on APKmazon


Plant Empires: Arena Game is an exciting NFT game with unique gameplay. Besides entertainment, you can also make money from this game by selling in-game items to other players. It is slowly becoming a popular game in the NFTs community. Please click on the link below to download and install Plant Empires: Arena Game MOD APK for free.

Download Plant Empires: Arena Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.1.7

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  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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