Pixel Studio: pixel art editor
Pixel Studio: pixel art editor

Pixel Studio: pixel art editor MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 4.64

Mobile pixel art editor. Simple. Fast. Portable.

App NamePixel Studio: pixel art editor
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About Pixel Studio

Are you a fan of pixel art who wants a convenient program that can go with you everywhere and has all the tools you need to make stunning pixel art? If you’re looking for the best pixel art editor, go no further than Pixel Studio. This program is perfect for anyone looking to make fantastic pixel art, from novice to expert.

With Pixel Studio’s straightforward interface, creating pixel art has never been simpler. The software is browser-based so you can access it from any web-enabled device, and it also works with desktop computers. Layers and animations are supported, and many more tools are available to help you create professional-quality pixel art.

Easily Add Layers and Animations to Your Pixel Painting

Pixel Studio’s layer system makes it possible to create complex pixel art. You can make stop-motion animations, export them as MP4 films, save them as GIFs or sprite sheets, and even add music. Your artwork may also be shared with the rest of the Pixel Network community and your friends.

The extensive set of professional tools included in Pixel Studio is meant to make creating pixel art a pleasurable experience for anybody. A sophisticated color picker that supports RGBA and HSV modes is available, as are premade palettes and palettes you may download from Lospec. With this software, you may use gestures and joysticks to zoom in and out and navigate the canvas with ease.

Pixel Studio Is Compatible With Every Common Format And Software

Pixel Studio is compatible with the most widely used file types, including PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TGA, PSP (Pixel Studio Project), PSD (Adobe Photoshop), and EXR. The program has built-in autosave and backup functionality to keep your data safe.

In addition to the Shape Tool for creating primitives, the Gradient Tool, the Built-in Brushes, the Custom Brushes, and the Sprite Library for storing your picture patterns, the software has many additional helpful tools and functions. Brushes with a tiling mode, drawing with X, Y, or X+Y symmetry, the Dot Pen for pinpoint cursor control, a variety of typefaces in the Text Tool, a Dithering Pen for subtle lighting effects, and more.

Enhance Your Experience with Pixel Studio PRO

You can support Pixel Studio by purchasing PRO, a one-time purchase that comes with additional features such as no ads, Google Drive sync (cross-platform), Dark Theme, 256-color palettes, Tile mode for making seamless textures, extended max project size, extra formats support (AI, EPS, HEIC, PDF, SVG, WEBP (cloud read-only) and PSD (cloud read/write)), unlimited color adjustment (Hue, Saturation, Lightness), total export to MP4, and extended storage in Pixel Network.

Participate in the Pixel Network’s NFT-Creation Community

Pixel Network, a brand-new pixel art community where you can make NFTs, is also featured on Pixel Studio. You may team up with other fashionistas to develop your one-of-a-kind characters. By joining the Pixel Network community, you may showcase your work to the world and draw inspiration from many users’ characters.

Pixel Studio is the ideal software for those who love pixel art and want to make stunning pieces whenever and wherever they want. The finest pixel art program ever, Pixel Studio has a simple and user-friendly interface, powerful functionality, and works on several platforms. If you’re interested in pixel art, you need Pixel Studio, which has been downloaded over 5 million times and translated into 25 languages.

Many Character Models to Choose From and Simple Controls

Pixel Studio provides several character templates broken down into their constituent parts, making it easier to generate ideas and steer the creative direction you wish to go with the characters. You can change the included character examples to give them your unique flair.

The app’s streamlined design makes it easy to do any action and organizes those actions into distinct categories. Once a user has a concept, they may study the basics to more complex techniques and start making beautiful characters. Because of Pixel Studio’s intuitive interface, anybody may give life to a fictional persona.

Tools and Image Templates Sprite Library

You may pick from various images in Sprite’s built-in library. Create stunning works of art using the app’s powerful pixel art editing capabilities. Everyone with an artistic eye and a desire to leave their mark may benefit from learning to create pixel art graphics fast and effortlessly. You may use Pixel Studio’s numerous helpful features to create animations and layers for your artwork. The best creations may be animated with music added and exported as MP4 files.

You may personalize Pixel Studio’s color schemes and shaders for your characters; its tools are intuitive and easy to use. Several shortcuts make it simple to access numerous style guides, store layouts, and export them to other programs. The software encourages users to collaborate by letting them show off their avatars to others and solicit feedback.

Specifications for a Pixel Studio System

You’ll need 2GB of RAM or more and a strong CPU (with an AnTuTu score of 100.000+) for massive projects and animations. If you have the necessary hardware, though, Pixel Studio provides a wide variety of tools for making stunning pixel art masterpieces.


Pixel Studio is the best pixel art editor for designers and programmers. It’s a lightweight, feature-rich, intuitive program that works well for novices and veterans. Making pixel art will be a pleasure with the app’s character templates, sprite collection, tools, and user-friendly interface. To connect with other people interested in pixel art from all around the world, join the Pixel Network group and start making NFTs.

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