Download Perfect World Mobile APK (by Tencent) for Android

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Perfect World Mobile 3


  • Publisher: Tencent
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 200MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: March 6, 2019

Super Perfect World game back with the mobile version

Last year, we have informed that the super famous RPG for PC many years ago – Perfect World had been prepared to be released for mobile platforms. And now, Perfect World Mobile has officially launched global players. The game was launched by Mr. Tencent on March 6, which is currently only available for iOS via the Appstore platform. Although the official Perfect World Mobile version for Android is not yet available on Google Play, Android users can still experience it through the Perfect World Mobile APK version at the bottom of the article.

Perfect World Mobile 1

Perfect World Mobile was developed by Perfect World based on the online game version of the same name released 14 years ago by Mr. Tencent. Built on the original IP on PC, Perfect World Mobile will still belong to the MMORPG genre with the same plot as the original version. In the game, the player will also start with the three original races: Ethnicity (Dharma Master and Sword Lady), Beast Toc (God of Beast) and Linh Toc (Vu Linh and Vu Mang). Players will also undergo the initial quest sequence of these three races similar to the original. However, the game will be added with many new features to make players excited, especially those who have experienced Perfect World on PC years ago.

Perfect World Mobile 2

Perfect World Mobile will give a great experience for players who have played Perfect World PC. Starting the game with the music is extremely familiar with the song Fly with Me 14 years ago. The process of creating characters with highly customizable capabilities with many details allows players to create a character of their own aesthetic style. The classic features of the PC version such as Astronaut, Aerial Combat, systems of mounts, outfits, diverse and beautiful wings … will remain the same.

New points on Perfect World Mobile version

  • The original feeling of the PC version rejuvenates the classic emotions you’ve ever experienced
  • Restore three main races, five occupations including martial arts, mages, feathers, feathers and monsters
  • Restore classic scenes, Zulong City, Jiyu City, Wanhua City, Jianxian City;
  • Restore classic BOSS images and aircraft
  • Open up three-dimensional battles of the sea, land and air
  • Restore the end of the mission copy of immortal people into magic and icy city, sunset temple and other challenging copies
  • Open the challenge of collaborating group of 36 luxury people, the perfect city fighting game re-awaken passion
Perfect World Mobile 3

Download Perfect World Mobile APK

Perfect World Mobile game will still be developed with high-quality 3D graphics like the PC version, giving you the best experience. If you have ever loved Perfect World many years ago, you will be happy to be able to experience your favorite game right on your mobile device with both familiar and new feelings. Below is the link to download the game with a version from the AppStore for iOS devices and the Perfect World Mobile version APK for Android devices.

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