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Share smart phone Internet with computers or tablets, no rooting needed.

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About PdaNet+

PdaNet+ has been available for quite some time and has been downloaded over 30 million times. This program was introduced alongside the original Treo smartphone in 2003. There have been significant updates to PdaNet+ with the release of version 5.10. This review will closely examine what makes the app useful for many people.

Approval of a New Site

Adding a WiFi scan API call necessitates Android’s new location permission, one of the significant improvements introduced in PdaNet+ 5.10. For the app to work correctly, users must now allow the app to access their location.

In-Home Direct WiFi

The new version of PdaNet+ comes with a completely new feature called the “WiFi Direct Hotspot” that works on all Android phones 4.1 or later. Using this function, you may use WiFi to link your phone to other devices like computers and tablets. Note that to connect to the phone, you may need to install a client app or configure a proxy, respectively. If you want to know how to enable “WiFi Direct Hotspot,” select the “Help!” option. If, while trying to connect, your Windows PC does not detect the hotspot, try restarting the hotspot on the phone and then selecting “Show All Direct WiFi Hotspot.” Your adapter’s 5Ghz compatibility will be checked.

Hotspot/FoxFi Adapter Operation

If you still require the original WiFi Hotspot functionality, you may find it in the FoxFi app. Many newer phone models, however, cannot use it anymore because of carrier software upgrades. Hotspot use may still be limited even if it succeeds (see backup strategy below). Both problems may be addressed via WiFi Direct Hotspot. The new function, however, is intended to work with something other than gaming devices, televisions, or media players that stream television.

Mode USB

Except for a few ZTE/Alcatel models, all Android phones can connect to a Windows or Mac OS X computer through USB mode. In addition, “WiFi Share” allows you to transform Windows into a WiFi Hotspot, enabling you to connect many devices to the Internet via PdaNet+.

Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth mode can connect to Windows, although WiFi Direct mode is recommended.

Does this App Help?

Depending on the specifics of your roaming data package, you may or may not require PdaNet+. Most providers provide four distinct data packages:

  • The mobile hotspot capability is disabled (a prompt to contact your service provider appears regardless of whether you have a restricted or unlimited data plan).
  • Thanks to your unlimited data subscription, your mobile hotspot may be used with no limits. However, hotspot usage is “metered” against a limit (say 5G/month), and the connection speed is drastically reduced once that limit is reached. (FoxFi can’t deny it!)
  • You may use your phone as a mobile hotspot without worrying about your data plan being throttled, as it supports unlimited LTE data with no limits. However, such a scheme has yet to be planned. Some versions of phones, however, have been found to contain vulnerabilities that make this possible.
  • Your restricted data plan enables the mobile hotspot feature on your phone. Using a mobile hotspot counts toward your total data use.

Use PdaNet+ if your strategy fits category 1 or 2. The app will not make a difference if your plan falls into categories 3 or 4. The app is safe to utilize whenever you are unsure about your strategy.

Direct WiFi Access Point

The “WiFi Direct Hotspot” feature of this app is quite well-liked. With this function, your phone may be a wireless access point for other devices. It’s hassle-free to operate because no cables are required. Depending on your device, you may need to install a client app or proxy to use this function.

USB and Bluetooth Capabilities

Except for a few models from ZTE and Alcatel, PdaNet+’s USB mode works with all Android phones. The app also includes a “WiFi Sharing” function that can transform Windows into a WiFi Hotspot. With this upgrade, you may connect even more gadgets to your PdaNet+ system. Bluetooth can connect to Windows. However, WiFi Direct mode is preferable. If you don’t have access to WiFi or would like to utilize Bluetooth instead of the built-in network, this function is a great alternative.

Accessible and Straightforward to Use Online

PdaNet+’s intuitive design makes it accessible to users of all experience levels. Downloading the software and linking your phone to your PC couldn’t be easier than with the app’s intuitive UI. The app is ideal for consumers who need constant access to the Internet wherever they go because of its lightning-fast connection speeds. This app will connect your laptop or tablet to the Internet swiftly and reliably, regardless of whether you are at home or far from a WiFi hotspot.


Updates to the app and Windows version of PdaNet+ are required for optimal performance because of significant changes introduced in version 5.10. You may now share your phone’s Internet connection with your laptop or mobile device using the “WiFi Direct Hotspot” function. The app is adaptable and convenient for many users since it supports Bluetooth and USB modes. PdaNet+ should be used as a safety measure if you are unsure of your need for it. In sum, This app is a reliable and user-friendly tool that provides lightning-fast Internet connectivity, making it an absolute necessity for those who rely on the Internet while on the road.

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