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PC Creator - PC Building Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 6.5.0

App NamePC Creator - PC Building Simulator
Publisher UltraAndre
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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PC Creator – PC Building Simulator simulates the work of professional computer repair technicians. Download the latest mod of the game to unlock everything for free.

Introducing PC Creator – PC Building Simulator

PC Building Simulator is a fun simulation game for Android where you can learn how to build a complete PC. The game is produced based on the cooperation between The Irregular Corporation and Claudiu Kiss – A game development company from Roma. With impressive graphics and lots of unique features to explore, PC Building Simulator will turn you into a boss who runs a computer parts distribution company with thousands of business headaches.

In PC Building Simulator, you work at a computer repair and installation office. You need to start from simple component repairs to more complex jobs such as building computer configurations according to customer requirements. Based on the available computer components the company provides, you must build a PC configuration that matches the requirements. To do that, you need to learn from the simplest tasks.

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In PC Creator – PC Building Simulator, you are an employee of a computer company whose main job is to repair and build computers according to customer requirements. First, you are provided with a computer and a USB with the functions of Remove Virus, Cleaner, 3DMark. Your first repair orders will be emailed to that computer. Your task is to read the content of the email to know about the error that the customer is facing. Then you have to repair it with the given tools.

You need to step out into the hallway and click the next day button at the door at the end of the hallway. After the change of day, the faulty computer will appear in your hallway. Then you bring the computer into the room, put it on the table, and proceed to repair it step by step.

Every day you receive 3 computer repair orders, they all have deadlines. If you don’t fulfill that order by the deadline, you have to skip it. Then you will lose money to buy components to repair it before. As you level up, you have more options for new components for upgrading and repairing your computer.

Sometimes, you will receive orders that do not come with errors, you have to find the problem yourself to fix and fix it. Besides repairing computers, you have more orders to build machines according to customer requirements. With each order of this type, you will have to buy the right components to assemble into a complete PC. It all depends on your understanding of computer components to avoid buying the wrong parts and wasting company money.

After you fix the first order from the email in the computer, you can start to select the orders. If you find an order difficult to complete, skip it. Soon a follow-up order will be sent to your email. In the parts store, you can upgrade your equipment and tools to speed up repairs. Every time you level up, you can expand your work area to handle new repair orders. Every location in the room has stand-alone features that you’ll know when you unlock it.

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As in other types of simulation games, money and levels are a potential measure of your company growth in PC Creator. Your income comes from orders. Therefore to speed up the repair and increase your income, you need to save money to buy new tools. As a result, your revenue will increase more after each order.

Customer orders are your main source of revenue in PC Creator. You should not be picky about orders because they are not many. Sometimes you can complete an order using only the features from the built-in USB. You can also ignore $0 orders because they are not profitable. The best source of income comes from orders to upgrade, replace and build configurations of computers.

In upgrade and replacement orders, when you buy new components to upgrade the computer configuration for customers, the old components will be discarded. You can reuse them to replace damaged computer components in other orders. So you can get more money from it without having to spend money to buy new components. When the orders are concentrated in the email, you should carefully review and then buy ready-made spare parts for repair and replacement for each order. Wait until you receive the computer, you just need to select the purchased components and then complete the orders.

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Time in the room is calculated in days. You will have to pay the room fee monthly. When it is due, you will have to pay the amount announced to continue renting. Sometimes you need to check the calendar to know when your parts will be delivered. If you want to fast forward to a calendar date, you can walk out the gate at the end of the hallway and press forward to a new date until you get the part you ordered.


PC Creator – PC Building Simulator uses 2.5D graphics with a top-down perspective. The colors in the game are very vivid and beautiful. The way the game simulates work activities makes you feel like you are becoming a real computer repair technician. Components are clearly shown in every detail. It makes you imagine you have it in your hand.

Download PC Creator - PC Building Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 6.5.0

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