Partial Screen
Partial Screen

Partial Screen MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.18.0

Intercepts and blocks random arbitrary self ghost touches on the damaged display

App NamePartial Screen
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About Partial Screen

A broken, damaged, or malfunctioning display may be highly unpleasant. This is especially true when unwelcome touches and gestures continue to interfere with your phone usage. Fortunately, Partial Screen is a solution that can fix all these problems at once. This cutting-edge program will assist you in regaining control of your mobile device by preventing unwanted touches from being registered on the Screen in those areas of the Screen where they occur.

Adding Locking Zones Can Be Done Both Automatically and Manually

Automatic and manual addition of zones with locking touch capabilities are available options when using Partial Screen. In the automated mode, the application does a screen analysis to locate the lock zones, allowing it to detect and block any touches made during the predetermined period. When the study has been finished, the intercepted clicks are examined, reduced, and integrated into zones with secured contacts.

While in manual mode, you can manually add the required lock area. Choose the “add manual region” option, then drag the cursor onto the Screen to create a space of the required size. Thanks to the touch detector, you will also be able to trace the areas of the Screen that are touched by accident.

Area Manager in Charge of Configuring Access Controls

In addition, Partial Screen provides an area manager that enables users to choose between active and inactive areas, modify the color, size, and location of the site, and eliminate areas that are not essential. In addition, the application has a feature for rounding the edges of the Screen, and the options allow you to select both the color and the radius that should be used.

Bubble Mode, which locks the entire Screen when activated

Double-tapping on the bubble mode indication, shown on top of all views and positioned anywhere on the screen, enables you to lock the screen as a whole in Partial Screen. The indicator may be moved to any location on the Screen.

Innovative Functionality Available to Subscribers

Subscribers to Partial Screen have access to a wide variety of advanced features, such as the ability to edit areas in the manager, the full overlap area mode, auto-start service at power-on, changing the transparency of all sizes, a maximum count of sites that is fifty percent higher than that of the basic version, a touch detector for detecting damaged zones, bubble screen block mode, preload mode for loading blocked areas from a local file, and rounded corners for the Screen.

Compatibility assessment and problem-solving

Partial Screen provides significant support for various devices and uses cases, allowing users to personalize their experience or make the most of their capability however they see fit. Customers may need to execute additional configuration procedures to guarantee compatibility with specific devices.

Users of Samsung smartphones need to go into System Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored applications > Add apps > and check Partial Screen to block the app from closing by itself. This may be done by selecting System Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored apps > Add apps >.

Users of Oppo handsets need to navigate to the Security Center > Battery > Activate Smart power-saving mode > Power-saving app control and management > Add applications > and tick Partial Screen to prevent the app from closing by itself.

Users of Xiaomi devices need to manually allow the “Draw over other applications” permission by navigating to the Settings menu, choosing Installed apps, selecting Partial Screen, selecting Permission Manager, selecting Show pop-up window, and then selecting “Allow.” Users will need to go to the “Security” tab, then “Permission,” then “Auto-start management,” then “Add auto-start applications,” and then check “Partial Screen” to ensure that the application does not exit when the user clears RAM.

Phone Management applications (or the Settings app) > Permission Manager > Pick the Apps tab > Select Partial Screen > and enable Draw above other apps are what users of Huawei devices need to do.

Elegant User Interface that Allows for Simple Interaction

Users whose displays are damaged may readily engage with Partial Screen thanks to its modern and fluid user interface, which allows for easy interaction either physically or through touchable sections. It has a complex and up-to-date layout, and advanced capabilities will enable you to instantly activate or replace portions of the Screen that are not responsive. The application provides users with a wide variety of customization choices for the style and layout and many extensions that may drastically alter their own user experiences.

Scan the Section That Is Not Responding, and Replace It Using the In-App AI

The scan engine of Partial Screen can automatically detect and show unresponsive regions by using a color palette whose unique hues correspond to varying degrees of unresponsiveness. When users know places that do not respond to their actions, they can immediately replace those areas with particular bubbles that allow them to navigate between other zones. The process is rather difficult to understand, but users may personalize everything within and make a difference to offset the screen region that is not responsive.

Configure Anything to Your Specifications, Giving You Full Command Over the Screen

Partial Screen provides a wide variety of customization options for virtual places. Users may combine these options with the phone’s physical buttons to achieve simple conversions with high-performance levels. Users can cover the entire screen on a wide scale or alter the degree of sensitivity thanks to advanced and cutting-edge customization options. If customers continue to have misgivings about automated scanning, they can conduct a manual search for unresponsive regions by sketching on the Screen. The application will bring up a black drawing board, and users may draw straight on any location to locate sections of the Screen that are unresponsive and test the screen’s sensitivity.

As You Rest, Prevent Any Information from Being Displayed on the Screen

Partial Screen presents a new function that allows users to prevent other people from interacting with their screens when they are resting or watching movies. Users can use either the physical button or the built-in function located in the notification bar to activate it. Thanks to this feature, users can confidently engage in any activity, as there is no longer any need for them to worry about being seriously impacted by the damaged Screen or going mad while losing control.

Assistance with a Wide Variety of Barriers and Screening Areas

Partial Screen is compatible with rounded edge displays, and the program provides additional functionality and customization options to accommodate flexible working environments. In addition, users can put no-touch zones on the sidebars of the phone and change the width of such zones to guarantee that their fingers will not mistakenly touch them. Everything has undergone significant updates or expansions, and it assures consumers that they will have access to every possibility required to operate the Screen successfully if it experiences difficulty.

Aspects Defining the Partial Screen

  • An up-to-date and thoughtfully designed user interface enables efficient and seamless operation and personalization of all aspects.
  • A screen scanner, either automated or human, may detect damaged or unresponsive spots on display and locate them for immediate repair or infill.
  • Add additional touching regions as replacements for certain portions of the Screen that aren’t responding, and make it easy to switch between the two so you have complete control over the display.
  • Limit the user’s ability to interact with the Screen using a few straightforward controls to prevent the display from becoming uncontrollable or accidentally being touched, which might disrupt the flow of a movie.
  • Comprehensive assistance and customization options allow users to adjust how they interact with their displays and function more effectively while managing damaged ones.


Partial Screen is an excellent solution for everyone with a cracked, damaged or malfunctioning display on their phone. It can fix almost any problem. It provides more advanced tools to test any system and gives consumers more assistance to engage with their devices comfortably. Users can efficiently detect and replace portions of the program that are not responsive while using the intelligent application that it offers. In addition, it provides comprehensive support for various devices or scenarios, allowing users to tailor their experience or make the most of the device’s capability in whichever way they see fit.

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