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OXP VPN - Secure VPN Proxy MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 4.0.34

App NameOXP VPN - Secure VPN Proxy
Publisher IT Stor BD - Made in Bangladesh
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoPRO Unlocked
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Today, I will introduce you to a VPN app that I trust and use. This app will help you speed up your internet transmission effectively. Besides, the server system covers the world for you to choose from. That is OXP VPN. With OXP VPN, you can connect to VPN easily with just a few touches.

About OXP VPN – Secure VPN Proxy

OXP VPN is a leading VPN service provider. With this app, you can speed up and stabilize your connection. In addition, OXP also has a global network of VPN servers. Thanks to that, you can change the IP address anywhere. Moreover, the app can also help you secure your data on the internet. Let’s discover more about OXP VPN with APKmazon in the article below.

Good VPN for Android

To start a VPN connection, tap the power button icon on the app’s main page. Also, OXP VPN will display some information about your connection on this main page.

The first is Connection time, and this is the length of time you have used the VPN service. Second, pay attention to the “Status” line; this is your connection status, and it will tell you whether you are Connected or Disconnected. Next, OXP VPN will display your connection’s upload/download speed. This will help you to know if your internet is fast or not. Finally, the VPN server information you are connecting to is at the bottom of the screen.

Fast & unlimited Bandwidth

OXP VPN will give you a fast and stable connection. The working mechanism of the app is to encrypt the user’s download/upload data. Then, this data will be transmitted to the servers of OXP VPN. Encrypting these data will make the transmission unlimited in capacity and speed.

If you are a regular gamer, using a VPN will help reduce ping effectively. You will no longer have to worry about lag or delay in intense games.

New White & Dark Blue UI Added

One great thing with OXP VPN is that you can customize the app’s background color. OXP VPN gives you two choices: White & Dark Blue UI. You can choose this display interface in the settings. In my opinion, this feature is quite interesting that most other VPN apps don’t have.

Protect your privacy

Surely everyone wants to secure their privacy when using the internet. Then let OXP VPN help you. You can temporarily hide your internet location by changing your IP address quickly. In addition, changing your IP address keeps you completely anonymous. So no one will be able to track or know what you are doing.

On the other hand, OXP VPN will also encrypt your download/upload data for transmission through servers. Encrypting such data keeps all your information secure.

Access to any website

Did you know that there are many blocked websites on the internet? The reason may be because of political, religious, or cultural issues. So those websites are blocked in different geographical areas. But never mind, OXP VPN will get you access to any website. Whenever you want to access any website, use OXP’s VPN service. Instantly, you will be transferred IP address quickly. This helps you to bypass the firewall to access any website. With OXP VPN, you can enjoy unlimited web surfing.

Global Service

OXP VPN has a server system with global coverage. Thanks to that, you can transfer your IP address to any country. To change the connection server, click on the Server section on the app’s main page. Here, you can choose from dozens of servers in different countries. Alternatively, you can look at the clock icon next to the country name. These clocks will tell you the speed of the server line.

Quick user support

The developer team will immediately assist you if you encounter problems while using OXP VPN. To ask for help, access the menu on the app’s main page. Then select the Report item. Here, you can report quickly via OXP VPN or report via developer email.

Also, if you find an app bug, quickly report it to the developer. You will get valuable rewards for using OXP VPN Pro for free for one month.


OXP VPN is a powerful VPN app for Android. Therefore, to use all the features that the app possesses, you will have to unlock the OXP VPN Pro version. Currently, this version costs about $14. However, you can download OXP VPN MOD APK Pro Unlocked completely for free at APKmazon.

MOD Info:

  • Pro Unlocked
  • Free download on APKmazon.com


In conclusion, OXP VPN is the top VPN app for your smartphone. Not only speeding up the internet connection, but the app can also help you secure your data. What’s more, OXP VPN also allows you to bypass the firewall to access any website. And finally, you can choose from VPN servers with global IP addresses. Please click on the link below to install OXP VPN MOD APK Pro Unlocked for free at APKmazon!

Download OXP VPN - Secure VPN Proxy MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 4.0.34

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