Ovulation: Period Tracker
Ovulation: Period Tracker

Ovulation: Period Tracker MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.093.GP

Track and forecast your period coming days, diary, ovulation and fertile days

App NameOvulation: Period Tracker
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About Period Tracker

The famous software known as Period Tracker assists users in monitoring their menstrual cycles and determining when they are at their sexually active peak. Users of the software can maintain control of their period, boost their confidence, and take charge of their health by using the app. This post will go into the functionality of the app, as well as its advantages and the amount of protection it provides to its users.

Learning to Recognize Each Day on the Calendar

Period Days, Predicted Period Days, Normal Days, Ovulation Days, Fertility Days, and Notes are some days that users can identify on the calendar that Period Tracker provides. Other days on the calendar are Normal Day, Ovulation Day, and Note. Users can keep track of vital information and examine it on the calendar if they add notes. They will have a much easier time keeping track of their menstrual cycle, fertile days, and ovulation this way, which will increase their chances of becoming pregnant.

Guaranteed Complete Confidentiality

Users don’t need to worry about privacy or safety when using this software. It doesn’t collect or sell any personal info. Users can save all of their data on either their phone or on Google Drive, which provides an additional degree of protection.

Finding Out Which Days Are The Most Fertile

Users of the app may identify when they are at their most fertile by collecting data such as their weight using the Weight Tracker, their temperature using the Temperature Tracker, notes, intercourse, symptoms, emotions, vaginal discharge, ovulation, pregnancy, and fertile logs, amongst other things, using the productive records. Users will be able to maintain track of important information regarding their health and make decisions regarding their reproductive health while being fully informed.

The App Features and Advantages for Users

The Period Tracker App provides several advantages, including tracking and anticipating the impending days of one’s period and ovulation and fertile days. Users can also analyze their average cycle length, period length, and duration to forecast when their period will arrive correctly. In addition, app users can access a forum to obtain assistance, debate topics of interest, and exchange valuable hints with other users. In addition, users can examine data on their weight and temperature as charts, receive regular updates from an educational newsfeed, and accurately compute the data for every period.

Determine your cycle by recognizing the date, then do the math

The app presents all the data as a standard table in a month’s calendar. This allows users to monitor their menstrual cycle, including the days they are projected to ovulate and the regular days. Users will be able to respond appropriately to the changes in their process and be informed of their odds of becoming pregnant. This helps enhance their likelihood of achieving a successful pregnancy.

Taking Measures to Ensure Safety and Protection

Users must register a separate account and provide all the required information before using the Period Tracker app. This ensures that the users’ information is kept private. The application contains many levels of protection to safeguard the confidentiality of user information. Users may save their data on their phones or Google Drive, making the data far safer.

Easy to Use for Monitoring Your Cycling Efforts

The app is simple to operate, and users may examine the results presented on the screen after entering their basic information into the app. The software will accurately determine the user’s menstrual cycle in the quickest feasible time possible while providing the result. In addition, the software keeps track of its users’ health to assist them in resolving any potential medical difficulties. Users can get the most incredible experience possible with the help of reliable tracking mechanisms and secure time gaps.

Principal Attributes

Tracking ovulation cycles and discovering new information about women’s health are two functions of Period Tracker. The app also allows users to set up important health alerts and uncover further information about women’s health. Additionally, the application computes the difference between cycles and notifies users of abnormal data. In addition, the application calculates other details on the date of birth, the fetal cycle, or the probability of conceiving, all of which are consolidated into a single table.


The Period Tracker app is necessary for every woman who wants to take charge of her reproductive health and become more proactive. It is possible to determine the days of the month when ovulation is most likely to occur, monitor the length of the menstrual cycle, and do statistical analyses on data relating to weight and temperature. The application also provides exceptional privacy and safety features, making it possible to safeguard app users’ data. Period Tracker is a helpful resource for women of all ages since it provides frequent updates of helpful newsfeeds and a forum where they can interact with other users. Women can feel more in charge of their life, reproductive health, and confidence when using this app since it keeps them informed about everything.

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