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Operation Stormy Island 1

Recently, a lot of survival games combined with the MOBA style was introduced by some famous game companies such as NetEase or Snail Games. Just a few days ago, NetEase has launched another exciting MOBA-style survival game called Operation Stormy Island.

Operation Stormy Island 1

Operation Stormy Island – Survival MOBA game from NetEase

Unique gameplay

Starting with the most popular survival games today such as Fortnite or PUBG, players in Operation Stormy Island will also be dropped from an airplane and select the area to land and seek for a favorable starting point to begin the fierce battle.

Operation Stormy Island 2

As introduced, the game will not go in the traditional survival style. The Operation Stormy Island use the manga, anime characters with the unique fighting style of a traditional MOBA game when possessing the completely different combat skills.

At the beginning of the game, of course, the player would not have all these special combat skills but they have to move around the map, hide and look around for the neccesary items such as equipment, weapons, buff, … to protect yourself or attack other players. Here players will have chances to admire the extremely intense battle which is no different from the familiar PVP 1vs1 in MOBA or role-playing games. With flexible mobility and the familiar MOBA control mechanism, the player can still launch his special skills while moving by flexibly using the skill buttons.

Operation Stormy Island 3

Graphics and sound

The game uses impressive 3D graphics, diverse characters design, and beautiful Japan anime style. However, unlike the familiar survival games with just the gun shooting sounds, here you can enjoy the eye-catching effects with many shapes, multi-color … It will make you feel more excited than normal. Along with that, the live sound effects are well integrated.

Download Operation Stormy Island APK

Overall, Operation Stormy Island has been heavily invested by NetEase, creating an extremely realistic survival game. Currently, the game is only in the beta testing stage, not yet available on Google Play. But you can still try this exciting game through the Operation Stormy Island APK version below.

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