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  • Publisher: NetEase Games
  • Platforms: Android 4.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 59M
  • Latest Version: 3.64.0
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: May 3, 2019

Certainly, gamers who love RPGs are very familiar with NetEase’s long-standing Onmyoji game title. Over the years, the Onmyoji brand has been known for a variety of versions and enhancements for mobile platforms, PCs, and consoles, and they are favored by gamers all around the world for their immersive gameplay. Recently, NetEase has released a new Onmyoji version called Onmyoji Arena for the mobile platform.

Onmyoji Arena 1

Onmyoji Arena has been developed by NetEase a long time ago and the producer also reveals images and information without too many details about it. But it’s still enough to attract the attention of the gaming community world. And on April 1, the game Onmyoji Arena was officially released after a long period of testing. The game is available for both Google Play and AppStore for free. To learn more about the features available on this version of Onmyoji Arena and how to download it, please refer to the ApkMod review below.

Review Onmyoji Arena – NetEase’s MOBA Premium

The content of the game

As mentioned above, the Onmyoji Arena game is based on the original version of Onmyoji on the PC (the official mobile version not long ago), a popular brand of NetEase. From the first PC version of the Japanese style game has received the love of a large number of players around the world. To put it more accurately, Onmyoji Arena is the original version of the original Onmyoji storyline with its old storyline but with new content and more engaging episodes. Game Onmyoji Arena will still take you to the virtual world of Heian time in Japan and start the drama battle in the game.

Onmyoji Arena 2

Interesting gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the game Onmyoji Arena will not choose the role-playing game purely as the previous version that chose the MOBA game to make a difference and novelties, can attract players. Just like any other MOBA game, come to Onmyoji Arena, you will be involved in real-time PvP battles with the Shikigami in the character world of Onmyoji. Here, you will still see the main elements in a MOBA game such as 3-lane map, creep, system level up, skill combination as well as rich equipment.

Onmyoji Arena 3

You can choose between either 3vs3 or 5vs5, which will automatically team up with other players to fight. Or you can actively invite your friends to join a team to play against other teams. The most important point in a MOBA game is tactical, and every player and team must have unique tactics that can beat the opponent.

Another interesting point in the game Onmyoji Arena is that the game has two super-monsters Orochi and Kraken seize two parts of the map. The defeat of each monster will bring a certain advantage to the team, such as the Orochi effect on the soldiers or the Kraken can capture and summon to attack directly on the opposing pole.

Onmyoji Arena 4

Diverse character system

About the character, Onmyoji Arena game will provide a very diverse character system for you to choose and change the experience. Here you will meet familiar characters in the Onmyoji brand such as Tengu, Ubume, and Ibarakidouji … and they are still having the same shape as Onmyoji PC version. Each character will own 4 default skills and 2 common skills like other MOBA games. Each Shikigami in the game will have different roles in the party, such as main damage, defense, support, blood supply to allies, etc. So you need to capture those points on each character to create a coping option, the chances of winning will be higher.

Are graphics as the original version?

As in the original Onmyoji version, which is highly rated for graphics, the Onmyoji Arena mobile version was also developed with 3D graphics, but the quality is average, not a striking one. In terms of visuals, Onmyoji Arena game is no different than previous versions of Onmyoji, so you will feel the familiar experience.

Download Onmyoji Arena APK

With the development of MOBA gameplay different from previous versions, Onmyoji Arena will definitely get the player’s favorite, especially now the MOBA line is favored all over the world. So NetEase continues its success with its new mobile device, the Onmyoji Arena. Are you ready to experience Onmyoji Arena? Below there will be a link to Google Play and an APK file for you to choose to download the game to your device and experience it.

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