One Piece: Bounty Rush APK v24100 for Android (English Version)

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  • Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 55M
  • Latest Version: 24100
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  • Date Updated: April 25, 2019

Nowadays, the role-playing games that are adapted from the popular Japanese manga are always easy to become famous in the world. Up until now, the manga that is the most popular and mostly adapted into many genres is One Piece. This is a famous manga for many years and has been transformed into animated movies, games, … And today I will introduce to you a role-playing game that gets the theme from this famous manga.

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It must be said that Bandai producer Namco has been extremely successful with a series of previous products with the One Piece themes. It is not surprised that the famous producer of the Japan game industry continues to announce a new brand mobile game called One Piece: Bounty Rush. One Piece: Bounty Rush will be available for free on both Android and iOS next year. Bandai Namco has also officially opened the teaser site of the game at

One Piece: Bounty Rush – New role-playing game from Bandai Namco

Special plot

The One Piece: Bounty Rush gets its content and style from the popular One Piece manga, which follows exactly the plot and the story to create various gameplay. The game will also follow the journey to become the Pirate King of Monkey D Luffy and his teammates. Moreover, it has also added a few elements outside the One Piece to make the content more special. Involved in the game, the player will have a chance to take the role of any character as they want, possibly as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates and begins the journey to become the Pirate King.

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Interesting gameplay

One Piece: Bounty Rush is a mobile game designed in the style of role-playing combined with fast gameplay that is very attractive. With the 4vs4 mode, players will need to team up to find the treasures with the goal of obtaining as many belly (in-game currency) as possible. So the tactical factor in the game is quite important, players must create a separate strategy to make differences in the game. In addition, players in the same team must know each other, to support each other in the necessary circumstances, this will further enhance the tactics for the game. Another popular game that many gamers like is multiplayer mode so that players can challenge all other gamers in the world.

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Character system

Characters in One Piece: Bounty Rush is divided into five main classes for players to choose. Each of the five character classes possesses unique abilities that can count against each other. One Piece: This Bounty Rush is that besides the members of the Straw Hat Pirates, players will also meet other familiar characters that have appeared in Bandai Namco’s previous productions.

3D graphics for smoother experience

The game One Piece: Bounty Rush is equipped with beautiful 3D graphics with sharp display quality, bringing the extremely vivid image. The game has reproduced the Manga One Piece in the most authentic way with all characters in the story, even the character skills in the story will be remained correctly in the game. Especially the character system is extremely beautifully shaped, identical to the character in the cartoon One Piece.

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Download One Piece: Bounty Rush APK

The end

Here we can easily see that One Piece: Bounty Rush is really a fascinating game with attractive gameplay and eye-catching graphics. Together with the attraction of the famous game maker Bandai Namco, One Piece: Bounty Rush will surely become a super hot trend in the future.


You can download the game One Piece: Bounty Rush completely free from the link below to experience it. If you find the game really attractive and fun for you then leave a comment under this article!

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