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Old School RuneScape is a well-known MMORPG, which is very popular around the world and even its influence is really great. Since its launching in 2001, the game has reached 260 million players. The good news for those who love this great game is that the developer Jagex Games has brought the Old School RuneScape game to the mobile platform so that players can easily experience the game. Old School RuneScape’s mobile version was released on July 10, and it is now available only for Android via Google Play, while the iOS version has not been officially released yet.

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Old School RuneScape – The ultimate MMORPG mobile version

The familiar MMORPG gameplay

Old school RuneScape’s gameplay will be identical to the original version that was released many years ago, with the mainstream MMORPG gameplay. And of course, it will be optimized for the mobile platform to make it easier for players to experience. Getting involved in the game, players need to develop the character in your own way, you can even play as an explorer. The player’s mission will be to seek glory through the personal challenges or in conjunction with other players in the quest and activities that require a team up. With 23 skills to master, hundreds of inspirational missions, and dozens of unique boss attacks, Old School RuneScape will give players the opportunity to claim the great dominance skill in the game.

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Old School RuneScape possesses a myriad of legendary missions combining with the difficult puzzles or the interesting stories, or the nostalgia of the point-and-click adventures. Entering the game, players will be the first person to set foot on the Fossil Island and start exploring the buried history of the land. Players will be able to go to mysterious places like the tropical Karamjan forest, face the barren Kharidian desert or explore the secret magic, get to know the mystery behind the devastating disease of the West Ardougne, or even help Yanni Sallika perform the interesting tasks.

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Just like the original version, the game will bring back some of the great Boss battles, where players will fight through two unusual encounters, Chambers of Xeric, and Theater of Blood. The immortal dragons, volcanic monsters, and brutal vampires will be the target that all players need to defeat in order to receive exciting rewards. The community element of Old School RuneScape games is also very high-appreciated. The content of the game will depend entirely on the player, so players will be able to participate in clans, alliances, teams which are established to interact with other players around the world.

What’s about the graphics?

As mentioned above, the Old School RuneScape mobile version will inherit all of the highlights that appeared in the original PC version many years ago, including the impressive graphics. Accordingly, Old School RuneScape mobile version will have a sharp 3D graphics with classic style with the icons of the ancient warrior or giant monsters, …

Download Old School RuneScape APK

Overall, the Old School of RuneScape mobile version does not have much difference from the previous PC or console versions, along with its former great fan base, the game will quickly get the attention of gamers. If you like Old School RuneScape, you can download it from the link below completely free to enjoy it.

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