Download Oddmar MOD APK v0.99 (Money, Unlocked All) for Android

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Oddmar 4


  • Publisher: Mobge Ltd.
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 90M
  • Latest Version: 0.99
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: January 26, 2019

Oddmar is the popular Mobge’s platform action game released for iOS platform last year. This game has gained great popularity among the worldwide players, being rated as one of the best platform games for iOS in 2018. After getting success with the iOS platform, Mobge brought this great game to Android. Oddmar version for Android was released a few days ago, instead of losing $4.99 right after downloading from the AppStore, the Google Play version is free with the first chapter, which means the first download will cost nothing. But from the next chapter, it will charge a small amount of money. However, we will bring you the Oddmar MOD APK version with Unlocked All feature so you can experience all the chapters in this game. The Oddmar MOD game download link will be at the end of the article, after the evaluation.

Oddmar 4

Oddmar – Mobge’s blockbuster platform game is now available for Android

Oddmar has a story about the little Oddmar – who is struggling to live in his village because he does not deserve a position at Valhalla. He was shunned by Viking villagers and had to prove his forgotten potential. Then one day he was given the opportunity to prove himself, but the price was not small, Oddmar had to go on an arduous journey and face many challenges.

Oddmar 1

Oddmar will go through a lot of tough ways, facing dangerous enemies everywhere and can give up anytime. You will take the role of Oddmar to immerse in the Viking story like a moving comic book. You start the adventure through 24 beautifully hand-drawn levels of sentences based on physical mechanisms and platform-type challenges. Through the adventure of overcoming difficulties and challenges, you will discover the true power of Oddmar with magic weapons and shields.

Oddmar 2

You will meet new friends and enemies in your journey through the magical forest, snowy mountains and dangerous mines. The platform style also looks quite different, from the action of avoiding the typical character’s obstacles to riding on the backs of animals to overcome traps along the way. Obviously, with a long time of development, Oddmar has gathered for itself the most advanced elements that a platform game needs.

Oddmar 3

Download Oddmar MOD APK

About the image of Oddmar, it’s built with hand-drawn image style 2D graphics. The game will give you the feeling of extremely interesting experience, the true style of the platform game series. In general, Oddmar game still has familiar adventure gameplay and this new Android version is no different from last year’s iOS version. And below will link the Oddmar game for you, there will be Oddmar MOD APK version with Unlocked All feature so you can play all the later chapters of the game.

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