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  • Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 200MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: March 12, 2019

Octopath Traveler is a turn-based role-playing video game developed by Square Enix, in collaboration with Acquire and released by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. The game was released worldwide on July 13, 2018. Since its debut, Octopath Traveler has received countless compliments from the global gaming community. Octopath Traveler is considered one of Square Enix’s most successful games.

Octopath Traveler 1

Through the great success of this Japanese version of Console, the game company decided to bring this Octopath Traveler game back to the mobile gaming market. A version for iOS and Android was announced and will be released in the next few days, with the new name Octopath Traveler: Tairiku no Hasha aka “Champions of the Continent”. Before the game came out, we will discover this Octopath Traveler : Tairiku no Hasha mobile game, could it bring success for Square Enix in the near future?

Octopath Traveler – The cult RPG of SE launches the mobile version

Basically, the Octopath Traveler : Tairiku no Hasha game has a mobile version developed in the same way as the original version. However, it will also have many new points to create a pleasant experience for players. The game will retain the HD-2.5D graphics platform, and primarily works like the original on the Switch, even the control has been converted to operate easily on smart mobile devices, with touch control and motion control to choose the direction.

Octopath Traveler 2

The story will still take place in the Osterra continent, but a few years ago the events in the original. This means that the characters of the version on the Switch will also appear in some form. One of the biggest differences from the original on the Switch is that the number of characters participating in the battle has increased to 8. In addition to the 8 characters that the game has released, Octopath Traveler: Tairiku no Hasha has also added some new characters to bring a more diverse character system.

Above all, the development team intends to continuously add more plot to the content so that players can experience the new episodes. Especially, the players who have tried Octopath Traveler can enjoy the new content in the story of the new mobile version. Like most mobile games, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent will be completely free with additional purchase options. In particular, there will be no multiplayer, just a single player mode.

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Download Octopath Traveler: Tairiku no Hasha APK

Octopath Traveler Version: Tairiku no Hasha is built with the same gameplay as the previous version, and it is refreshed by adding new episodes, new characters, and features. Therefore, players who have previously played Octopath Traveler games will experience both new and familiar feeling in this Octopath Traveler : Tairiku no Hasha mobile version. This game currently has no official version, it will be released soon for the app stores in the next few weeks. We will update the information about Octopath Traveler: Tairiku no Hasha and the earliest download link for you.

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