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North Tower MOD APK (Menu, God Mode) 1.12.2

North Tower MOD APK – Merge, build, and conquer! Unite your forces to defend your land!

App NameNorth Tower
Publisher Epoch-Games
MOD InfoMenu, God Mode
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About North Tower

At North Tower, you’ll be immersed in a 3D tower defense experience that blends merge and clicker action with idle game elements for hours of entertainment. Here, we’ll look inside North Tower’s fascinating universe, where readers will defend the tower with their heroes and turrets against waves of foes. Players may build an invincible army by fusing weapons, strategically placing towers, and amassing resources.

Extreme Gameplay Variations

North Tower features various playable game types, constantly immersing players in a fun and challenging experience. Let’s check out each of these five exciting modes:

1. Merge

Combine your weapons to increase their effectiveness, increase your army size, and fortify your arsenal. You may unleash destructive powers and build an invincible force by combining weapons of the same level.

2. Simulation

Take control of a region, then build it up by harvesting its natural resources and amassing a fortune. To strengthen your tower’s defenses, you must explore the depths of your domain, carefully manage your resources, and maintain a constant expansion rate.

3. Defense Towers

Defend yourself from waves of foes and powerful monsters by strategically placing towers. To withstand the unrelenting assault of your competitors, you must make the most of your limited resources, develop cunning ideas, and use your defenses to their best extent.

4. Click

The click mode provides a fast, simple, and engaging gaming experience. Use fast clicking to launch devastating strikes and quickly wipe out your enemies.

5. Casual

Take advantage of North Tower’s mini-arcade and the stress-relieving features of idle games. Take pleasure in the game’s relaxed tone without sacrificing progress or enjoyment.

Boost Your Force and Armory

The center tower is under continual assault, so players must focus on increasing their strength and arsenal to defend it. The key to success in the game is leveling up and becoming proficient with various weapons. Compared to other action-fighting games, North Tower stands out thanks to its charming combination of a hilarious visual style and lovable cartoon characters. Amass all the weapons you can find, upgrade them to super weapons, then use massive cannons to wipe out opposing troops quickly. Spend your profits back into your legion to make it stronger and more numerous.

Expanding Land and Developing Resources

North Tower relies heavily on exploration and development. Your progress through the levels and the expansion of your territory are tied directly to the size of your tower. Keep some spare cash and supplies on hand in case of emergencies. Players can work together or stack numerous buildings for more excellent resource management and territorial growth. As you progress, be ready to take on the tournament’s most vigorous opponents. With enough victories and well-placed shots, you may increase your position in the game and give yourself an advantage in future confrontations.

Invoke Heroes With Strong Abilities

To win in Merge TD, you’ll need to combine towers and weaponry, but you’ll also need to discover and use heroic people. These heroes may help reinforce your formation with their tremendous auto-attack and fast-attack skills during ferocious group attacks. Heroes are crucial for organizing forces and converting them into internationally competitive armies as you go through the game and uncover new mines around the globe. Recruit more soldiers and train them to be more effective. Creating a solid defense against the invading force will give you time to continue your attacks.

Use Superhuman Abilities to Construct Towers

Building a tall structure that collects points and earns valuable things is the first step toward success in North Tower. Take on other players in a race to see who can construct the tallest tower with the help and inspiration of their teammates. To ward off assaults, you must muster your warriors around the castle and use all the weapons. A powerful boss hides among your valuable mines, waiting to assault you with his unequaled evil strength. You will need to build a tower of incredible height and equip it with many protections if you hope to prevail against this formidable foe.

MOD APK version of North Tower

MOD feature

  •  Menu 
  • Attack Multiplier (x1 – x80) Lower it if you get an error message.
  • God Mode

Note: Not working properly in Arena & World Boss


North Tower is a gripping hybrid game that combines tower defense, merging, and clicker elements to provide hours of entertainment. The five explosive game modes put players in furious fights against waves of foes and fearsome monsters as they merge weapons, strategically build towers, manage resources, and unleash devastating combos. You must unlock heroic heroes and construct tall skyscrapers using extraordinary talents to succeed in this game. Are you prepared to protect the central tower, expand your army, and dominate this exciting world? Get on board with North Tower and take on the test now!

Download North Tower MOD APK (Menu, God Mode) 1.12.2

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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