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Non Human Academy 1

Although the current survival game is very popular in the world, causing other types of games to be overshadowed, there’s still a type of game having big fame – the MOBA game. Among the most famous developer of this game genre, NetEase is one of the most well-known ones. We can point out one blockbuster from this publisher recently – the Onmyoji Arena. Recently, they have launched a new MOBA product called Non-Human Academy.

Non Human Academy 1

This Non-Human Academy has been developed very long ago by Netease and is currently available for trial on TapTap. So what’s so special about this Non-Human Academy game that you can compare to the previous Onmyoji Arena and other blockbusters like Arena Of Valor or Vainglory? Let’s find out through the below article.

Non-Human Academy – NetEase’s latest MOBA game

Familiar gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the Non-Human Academy is not so different from the current MOBA games with tactical gameplay, mainly the attractive team matches. Getting involved in the game, players will still need to collect characters for their team and choose some to participate in the game battle. The game is divided into some game modes for players to choose from such as Ranking, Tournament, Solo, Friendly match … with two main forms are solo 1vs1 and 5vs5 team. The most popular game mode is the 5vs5 between two teams with the goal of destroying the enemy’s main house.

Non Human Academy 2

The character system still plays an extremely important role in a tactical MOBA game. Non-Human Academy has a variety of character systems for players to choose from. Each character has its own shape, most importantly, the distinct different fighting skills for players to develop their own tactics. Players in a team will have to support each other in the battle to win convincingly.

Non Human Academy 3

What’s new in Non-Human Academy

In order to compete with other popular MOBA games, the Non-Human Academy is forced to have the new features to attract players. The first point is that the Non-Human Academy combines the MOBA gameplay with the Japanese anime style, not the superhero characters or the multi-genre character like in other MOBA games.

Another new notable thing that many players highly appreciate at the Non-Human Academy is that it solves the problem of the network connection. In other MOBA games, while playing the game, if you encounter an internet problem, you will be out of the game and have to restart everything. But Non-Human Academy will return players quickly when the network connection successfully, without affecting the match results.

Non Human Academy 4

To conclude with

In general, Non-Human Academy has the impressive new MOBA gameplay, sharp 3D graphics and the anime style which is highly appreciated. Players can be sure that the Non-Human Academy will succeed in the coming time. Currently, the game is not available on Google Play and AppStore so you can only play Non-Human Academy game via the TapTap link below.

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