Nomad Sculpt
Nomad Sculpt

Nomad Sculpt MOD APK (Paid Unlocked) 1.84

Sculpt, paint and create in 3D

App NameNomad Sculpt
Publisher Hexanomad
MOD InfoPaid Unlocked
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About this MOD
  • Support read-only (no editing) textures from obj (procreate) and glTF
  • Import popup can now load multiple files

About Nomad Sculpt

Nomad Sculpt is an innovative design and art program that facilitates the creation of user-generated content. The software is meant to be used as a companion during the creative process, recording every brushstroke and detail for later usage. Nomad Sculpt is an ever-evolving platform for creatives, with new features and interfaces being added regularly.

Dive into the art circus

By providing a wide variety of exciting resources, Nomad Sculpt opens up a new world of artistic possibilities for its users. The app’s powerful sculpting features allow users to make their one-of-a-kind forms and designs on the go. The end effect is always stunning and well-received due to its high sophistication.

Great devices that do their job

Nomad Sculpt’s sculpting tool is one of its most notable features since it can be used for everything from basic editing to more complex 3D modeling. The app’s advanced sculpting capabilities let users bring their creative thoughts to life with one-of-a-kind, detailed masterpieces.

Decorative appliances

Nomad Sculpt also provides various specialized painting tools that may be used to enhance the quality of an artist’s finished product. The app’s painting capabilities include the ability to create fine lines that add shine and add trademark highlights, both of which emphasize the app’s individuality.

Exclusive 5D image

Users of Nomad Sculpt may quickly rotate their artwork to examine it from all angles, allowing them to make well-informed decisions on how to proceed. Detail-rich and elegant works may be done with the help of a one-of-a-kind 5D picture.

Keep a log of your entire workday

Nomad Sculpt’s capacity to record every minute of consumer activity is a standout feature. The history of edits to a project is saved so that users may go back and see how far they’ve come and where they need to improve.

A brand-new UI

Nomad Sculpt provides a flexible user interface that may be adapted to each individual’s requirements. Updating the visual style of an app may give its users a new lease on life and show their work a unique aesthetic spin.

Feature constraints

The complete version of Nomad Sculpt has many valuable capabilities, but even the trimmed-down version may help artists and designers make beautiful things. The free tier has a single layer, undo/redo functionality and essential project management feature like saving, loading, importing, and exporting.

Sculpture implements

Nomad Sculpt’s sculpting capabilities are among the most advanced available, with various brushes that can be used to give 3D models custom shapes. You may make clean lines with the app’s lasso, bar, or curve cutters or use one of the other brushes (clay, flatten, smooth, or mask) provided.

Modification of the stroke

Customizable falloff, alphas, and pencil pressure allow Nomad Sculpt users to draw whatever they can imagine.

Art Supplies

Nomad Sculpt facilitates preset material management and provides color, roughness, and metalness vertex painting. The app’s flexible painting capabilities let users create beautiful masterpieces.


Nomad Sculpt facilitates rapid iteration by allowing users to record sculpting and painting actions on distinct levels. Users may keep track of their progress while sculpting and painting and utilize this information to make informed judgments on how to refine their creations best.

Carving at high resolution

By switching between different mesh resolutions, users of Nomad Sculpt have a versatile workflow that facilitates quick iteration and refinement.

Voxel resimulation

Using Nomad Sculpt’s voxel meshing tool, users may easily mesh their mesh to achieve consistent granularity. This tool is ideal for swiftly drawing primary forms early in any creative endeavor.

Differential topology

Dynamic topology is another feature Nomad Sculpt offers, allowing users to fine-tune the mesh automatically as they paint. Layers are tracked and updated mechanically within the app to facilitate productive workflow further.

Ancient forms

The program provides a variety of simple forms, such as cylinders, tori, and tri-planar voxels, that may be used as a jumping-off point for creating more complex designs.

Rending in PBR

Nomad Sculpt supports HDRI environments and provides stunning PBR rendering by default. For more conventional shading when sculpting, users can convert to madcap.


The Nomad Sculpt program supports the glTF, OBJ, and STL file formats. Unfortunately, only GLTF files will store your layers and PBR painting.


Nomad Sculpt’s user interface is straightforward and optimized for mobile use. Stunning art pieces can be created quickly and effortlessly on the road with this app due to its intuitive design and user-friendly features.


With dynamic topology, voxel meshing, and other capabilities, Nomad Sculpt is an outstanding art and design program perfect for sculptors, painters, and creative artists. Nomad Sculpt provides everything you need to make beautiful artwork on your mobile device, whether you’re just starting or a seasoned artist. The app’s user-friendly design and flexible settings make it ideal for anybody interested in exploring the artistic world and their creative potential.

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