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Noblesse M 1


  • Publisher: Liveplex
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 79MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0.9
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: January 23, 2019

Nowadays, the games that are adapted from the Manga or Manhwa series are favorably received by many gamers. This type of game itself is so hot because it already has the popularity of the original manga, so when being transformed into a game of course it will quickly get the attention of gamers. And today I will introduce to you a game adapted from the extremely attractive Manhwa comics called Noblesse M.

Noblesse M is a new turn-based role-playing game released by Liveplex Co.Ltd on December 8th. Noblesse M has been officially released on two of the world’s leading app stores, Google Play for Android devices and AppStore for iOS devices. Of course, this game was inspired by the famous Manhwa and Noblesse. Let’s take a look at what features the Noblesse M game has, whether it can compete with other popular RPG titles!

Noblesse M –  Great role-playing game with Manhwa style

Adapted from the famous Manhwa

To say a word about Manhwa, this is a famous Korean manga that has a great influence from the Japanese Manga style and this type of comic is quite popular in the world. The outstanding in the Korean comic category is the Noblesse series, which was first released in 2007, and the content of the manga has been adapted into many different genres. And recently Noblesse has been transformed into a very attractive role-playing game called Noblesse M.

Noblesse M 1

Noblesse M’s content

About the storyline, the game Noblesse M closely follows the content of the famous Noblesse comic. The story revolves around the story of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, also known as Rai, a vampire who has awakened after 820 years of sleep. After waking up, Rai knows that he is living in the human world so he does not want anyone to know his identity and he quickly integrates into human life. However, Rai must avoid the pursuit of a secret organization specializing in human experiments, so the runaway from the pursuit of Rai repeatedly occur.

Noblesse M 2

Exciting role-playing game style

About the gameplay, this game is developed under the RPG category combines Turn-based and Team-based elements. Here, players will controls a group of characters instead of controlling just one character like other games and battling with his enemies. The characters in a team will continually substitute each other for the skill to defeat the opponent until the team get lose. The game will have automatic combat mechanism but if you want to win quickly or create different tactics, you must use the skill to finish off the opponent. The game will bring players many different game modes to experience. The main mode is to follow the plot of the game or PvP multiplayer mode and multiplayer mode for two players can be compared to each other.

Noblesse M 3

Character system

About the the character, Noblesse M will give players a very diverse character system, and especially players will be able to see the entire character throughout the Noblesse comic. Each character has his own special skills and moves, which can be counted against each other. From then on, the player will start collecting or buying those characters so that his army can be the strongest as possible. Players must master the skill of the character to be able to launch the strongest team to fight with his opponent.

Other features of Noblesse M:

  • Embracing the character with the diverse character system in Noblesse
  • Diverse mode of play, experience does not know boring
  • Role-play turn-based turn-based is currently the most popular
  • Beautiful 3D graphics, smooth experience
  • Released for Android and iOS
  • Along with many other interesting features …

Download Noblesse M MOD APK

Noblesse M games have a great content along with an attractive gameplay and a beautiful 3D graphics. The game delivers crisp, vibrant, and real-life visuals that make the experience smoother. It’s been around for a few days now, but Noblesse M has quickly attracted players around the world. You can download games from the appropriate path for your device below to experience Noblesse M completely free.

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