Nine – Email & Calendar
Nine – Email & Calendar

Nine - Email & Calendar MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 4.9.4b

Nine is a full-fledged and intuitive email app which supports Exchange and IMAP

App NameNine - Email & Calendar
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About Nine

In the fast-moving modern world, transparent and efficient communication is essential in many aspects of life, including work and business. Nine is a fully functional email program that runs on Android and is built specifically to enhance contact with coworkers, friends, and family members at any time and in any location. It is ideal for businesspeople, professionals, and those who want to improve their communication skills. Nine’s synchronization with Microsoft Exchange Server through Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is made possible by the Direct Push technology. This results in an exceptional experience for the end user.

Principal Attributes

Nine can differentiate itself from other email programs because of its extensive feature set. Among these traits are some of the following:

  • Direct Push Synchronization with Exchange ActiveSync – the app connects directly to the user’s server, eliminating the requirement for a server to store Nine data. This feature is only available with Exchange ActiveSync. Every bit of Nine information is kept alone in the user’s device.
  • Integration with the standard Calendar and Contacts program Nine interacts with the traditional Calendar and Contacts program, enabling users to manage their calendar and contact list effortlessly.
  • Rich-Text Editor – Nine allows users to structure their emails in whatever way they see fit by offering them access to a rich-text editor that can be used for email creation.
  • This app provides comprehensive security features, such as Client Cert, S/MIME, and IRM, to protect the safety of user data and the user’s right to privacy.
  • Nine supports the Global Address List (GAL) function, which enables users to effortlessly search for and retrieve the email addresses of their coworkers or acquaintances.
  • Selective Folder Push is a feature offered by Nine that enables users to choose which folders to push and receive email notifications for each folder.
  • Full HTML Support Nine provides full HTML support for every email, including incoming and outgoing emails.
  • The app uses Secure Sockets Layer, often SSL, to keep all email correspondence private.
  • Hybrid Email Search – Nine combines rapid local search with an internet search to provide a hybrid email search that is both quicker and more effective.
  • Discussion Mode Nine’s email client has a discussion mode, which helps users better organize their email threads.
  • Unread Badge – the app enables unread badge notifications for smartphones using Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, and DashClock, as well as devices manufactured by Sony, Huawei, and LG.
  • Widgets – Nine provides a selection of widgets, some of which are the Unread badge, Shortcuts, Email list, Tasks list, and Calendar Agenda.
  • Notes Sync is a feature that Nine supports for Exchange 2010 and later versions
  • Tasks and Calendar Sync – the app supports Tasks and Calendar Sync for enhanced task and schedule organization.
  • Nine supports contemporary authentication for Office 365 to enhance both security and privacy.

Servers That Are Supported

Nine provides support for a variety of servers, including the following:

  • Exchange Server 2003 SP2, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019
  • Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Online, Hotmail, and Microsoft
  • Gmail, G Suite (Google Apps)
  • iCloud
  • Additional servers (IBM Notes Traveler, Groupwise, Kerio, Zimbra, Horde, IceWarp, MDaemon, Kopano, etc.) Exchange ActiveSync that was supported
  • Additional servers (Yahoo, GMX,, etc.) IMAP support provided

Permissions Details

To work correctly, Nine has to be granted specific permissions. These are the following:

  • Nine requires permission to copy attachments to external storage and export Nine settings. This permission is referred to as WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
  • The app needs access to read from external storage to import attachments and import Nine settings. This permission is called READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
  • Nine requires authorization to call a contact stored in Nine Contacts before using the CALL_PHONE function.
  • The app needs authorization to send the device information to the server to use the READ_PHONE_STATE function. (ActiveSync function).
  • GET_ACCOUNTS – This app needs your approval before it may use the account to buy a license and handle account information registered in the system.
  • WRITE_CONTACTS and READ_CONTACTS are two permissions that Nine needs to be able to sync user contacts to the server.
  • The app must have permission to WRITE_CALENDAR and READ_CALENDAR to synchronize user calendars with the server.
  • CAMERA – Nine requests permission before scanning an Entrust Smart Credentials QR code.

Find Out What’s Been Changed in the Latest Version

Nine is constantly working to improve the quality of the service it provides to its customers. This app has altered the default settings of Microsoft libraries due to customer input, which has resulted in increased storage space, an expansion of the document formats supported, and a simplification of the authentication settings. The problems that arose throughout the product’s launch have been investigated, and the performance has been enhanced to make connecting and reading documents both simpler and more efficient.

Take Control of the Information in Your Inbox

Nine allows users to do fundamental mail-related tasks such as reading, receiving, and sending emails, all within a single interface that provides access to a wide variety of engaging information management experiences. The app has particular standards for the quantity of information that must be transferred, the number of hits that must occur every day, and the weight of the file that must be delivered. Users can create and send messages after composing the information they wish to transmit. Notifications and sound settings may be customized to ensure users do not miss vital information.

Added New Capability to Manage and Control Messages

The app is in charge of messaging items for both work and life, and it will automatically insert information connected to the user to facilitate an easy connection. Although the system is designed to create a distinct area from other sources to make connecting more straightforward and more problem-free, users should still take precautions to protect their information and avoid exposing chat material. The first two weeks of utilizing Nine are entirely free; beyond that point, consumers can pay an additional fee to continue using the service.

Take Command of the System as a Whole and Its Operations

Because it enables users to link and handle numerous items simultaneously, Nine is a fantastic option for managing all of one’s information with just a single application. Users can better organize features into categories and customize settings to fit their working style when faced with straightforward designs. The user may control the system’s functioning as quickly and efficiently as possible by using the interface, consisting of a blank area with multiple independent files that can be separated by name or color.

Have Fun Using the App and Getting to Know It Better

Nine creates a stimulating environment by combining a wide range of information concerning one’s job and personal life into a single location to make it easier to manage. Users can save time for other work since the program records every action they take within it and guarantees that it will be completed at the specified time. It is the ideal option for the user’s device since users may use only one application to control the functioning of the complete system.

Principal Attributes

The app’s capabilities make it an excellent application for more practical information management. The user may:

  • Find out what kinds of improvements you may anticipate from system updates, such as better control functions, new incentives for information management, and the satisfaction of fundamental criteria.
  • Connect to an email address and consolidate routine activities into a single file to save time and make it possible for the program to respond directly to emails sent to the connection address.
  • Using the online messaging tool, you may connect with more individuals and better manage your business and personal life.
  • Manage all the fundamentals of the connection, seek out new information, stay current on the latest social news, and carry out various other business-related tasks.
  • Nine is not based in the cloud and only stores the passwords for user accounts locally on the device itself. It is compatible with Android versions 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and later. Nine employs the Device Administrator permission to guarantee all features work as intended.


Nine is a fully functional email application for Android that offers an exceptional experience for its users. It is distinguished from other email apps by its features, which include Direct Push Synchronization with Exchange ActiveSync, extensive security measures, and connection with calendars and contacts. Users can effectively manage their email correspondence, interact with coworkers, friends, and family members, and have complete control over their information by using just one application that Nine provides.

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